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10 Quick Tips for Buying Treadmills
By: Jennifer Dennis

10 Quick Tips for Buying Treadmills

Thinking about purchasing a treadmill? Before you make a purchase, read these
important tips for buying the machine. This fitness equipment will be an
important investment, both financially and physically. Read these important
considerations before you decide which make, model and style work best for you.

1. Price ranges for treadmills generally break down in the following:

    - Budget: $500 - $1500

    - Mid-Range: $2500-$3000

    - Quality: $3000 and up

With treadmills, you get what you pay for—literally. With every additional
dollar, you are assured a superior product. Stronger belts, motors, premier
monitors, more exciting fitness programs—the list goes on and on. Look for a
smooth ride on the treadmill machine, easy-to-adjust incline, water bottle holders and
additional features that will make all the difference on your run. With every
additional dollar, you will also ensure increased use, year after year.

2. Your fitness level can dictate what type of treadmill you should buy. Do you
see yourself frequently running or do you prefer to walk? Daily fitness
lifestyles determine the model you should purchase. If you prefer walking, you
need a strong belt with easy-to-adjust incline levels to give you the
multi-faceted workout you want. If you are a fast, strong runner, a longer belt
will be a better fit for you. Ensure that you have strong, steady arm rails that
can support your body. A beginning walker should have an incline of at least 10%
and a 15% for advanced users for maximum output.

Walkers should be able to attain a speed of 5 mph or 8 to 11 mph for runners.
The speed should increase incrementally so that the user does not fall off while
adjusting speeds. All machines should have an auto-switch in case of accidents
or emergencies.

3. The deck length and width can substantially affect your workout
experience. If you frequently walk, you will want a treadmill that is wider to
give you plenty of room to exercise. Runners prefer a longer deck to enjoy a
full range of motion while exercising. Either way, you will get a great lower
body workout with high cardiovascular intensity that can lengthen your life—and
improve your daily experience.

4. A good treadmill deck should be low-impact and a least a quarter-inch
think. Low-impact decks provide stress relief on your joints and back. Read more
on Flex decks vs. Standard decks to see which one fits your fitness lifestyle
best. Overall, the more cushion on a deck, the more motivation the fitness user
has to take the next step... and next step... and next step.

5. Maximum Developed Horsepower is another influential factor in a treadmill.
MDH is when the motor is required to work harder than the idle speed, causing
the motor to need extra horsepower. This extra horsepower’s top amount is called
the MDH. The better the machine, the stronger the MDH, ensuring your machine
will last longer and work more effectively.

6. Monitors are essential to a great workout. Heart rate monitors are an easy
and efficient way to obtain optimal fitness levels in an easy-to-read format.
Set your designated heart rate and let these accurate monitors tell you where
you stand as you run, walk or jog. Moderate Rate heart rates at approximately
50% of the maximum heart rate, or an RPE of 5-6; Weight Management heart rates
are 60-70% , or RPE 6-7; Aerobic is 70-80% or RPE 7-8; the Peak Performance
should only be used by top athletes and is 80-90% with an RPE 8-9. Controlling
speed, distance and incline through your monitors will also help to obtain
desired heart rates.

7. The SpaceSaver option is ideal for individuals living in an apartment or
home with limited space. If you don’t want to see your treadmill machine every
day—or simply don’t have room for it—a SpaceSaver model will fold up easily and
efficiently for storage. Purchase attractive treadmill furniture to store your
SpaceSaver in an accessible and convenient location.

8. Making your machine iFit compatible directly confronts the biggest problem
you will face with any machine you buy—boredom with your fitness routine. iFit
gives you the chance to have a personalized, rewarding workout time after time.
Through your machine, you will set and obtain your personal goals for a
rewarding experience.

9. Speed range and incline range should be easily changed throughout your
workout. If you want to change inclines throughout the exercise, the machine
should give you a smooth, flowing adjustment. In addition, your machine should
remain relatively quiet.

10. Warranties are essential to buying your next treadmill. Especially if you
are considering a used or refurbished model, see what the distributor or
manufacturer offers you for replacement parts or service. Warranties confirm the
quality of the product and you should make sure it covers the weight of the
heaviest person who might use the machine and works against defects for one to
three years.

About the Author: Jennifer Dennis is a successful author and regular
contributor to - a fitness and treadmill industry resource that features treadmill reviews,
guides, product descriptions and articles.

About the Author

About the Author: Jennifer Dennis is a successful author and regular
contributor to - a fitness and treadmill industry resource that features treadmill reviews,
guides, product descriptions and articles.

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The Power of Stretching    - Dave Snape


Your muscles ache from a good stretch. This is quite
normal and is part of the process. Stretching has
seemingly been with us and particularly with athletes
since the beginning of time.

A very key point to good stretching is to hold the
stretch for at least seventeen seconds. This is a
pearl of wisdom gleaned from a ballet teacher a few
years back. She said that any stretch under 17
seconds was just not effective.

The 17 second rule is exceeded in the high intensity
Bikram's yoga where stretches are held for about 30
seconds. Don't forget the high level of heat that is
used in Bikram's to extract that last little bit of
stretch out of your muscles. An interesting twist that
is not necessary to gain benefits from stretching. But,
it can't hurt, right?

So what kind of benefits can you expect from
stretching? That's an easy one. Have you ever seen the
movie, Blood Sport? Did you know that Frank Dux could
truly stretch his body to the extreme. The actor that
played him was quite elastic as well.

Great elasticity is also something you might see in
well trained Spetsnaz (Russian) agents. They often work
out with Russian kettlebells too. They are for superior
strength gains and the ability to withstand ballistic

Why are stretching and flexibility considered important
to these people? Stretching gives one the ability to
have explosive power available at one's fingertips
without the need to warm up. Of course most of us are
not martial artists or agents. But, you'll be happy to
know there are plenty of other benefits.

Let me give you an example. After learning to sit in
the full lotus position for long periods of time, my
ankles became very flexible. One day I was walking
along and my left foot fell into a pothole. This mishap
pushed my ankle sideways to about 90 degrees from it's
normal position.

Amazingly, this didn't even hurt, not one bit. If my
ankle hadn't been so flexible, I may have suffered a
sprained ankle. At the very least, it would have hurt
for days.

Key point: stretching helps you to avoid injuries.
Not only that but if you do have a muscle, tendon or
ligament injury it should heal faster, theoretically

Stretching actually grows the ligaments, tendons and
muscles being stretched. They really grow longer over

Check with your physician before undertaking any type
of exercise, including stretching.

Here is some good instructional material on stretching:

Dave Snape

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