These Simple Secrets to Communication Make Everyone Happy, Including YOU!

Robert L. Conrad reveals simple truths about human dynamics and interactions that work!

Hi, my name is Dave Snape and I have something important to tell you about.   My friend, Robert,  seems to have a special kind of skillset that makes his relationships with others go very, very smoothly.  And you can learn these skills too!

See if you can identify with me on this:

I'm not like Robert,  I  frequently and very unintentionally cause people to feel unhappy,  hurt or even angry with me.   I would hear words coming out of my mouth that I just knew would come back to haunt me.  And I often felt powerless to change or do anything about it.

I could vaguely sense that there were problems with my communication with others, but I couldn't quite put my finger on where the problem was.  If this sounds familiar to you, or if you are interested in doing better with your people skills, then you'll want to read the rest of this letter.

I was fortunate enough to run into a person who has the skills I would like to see manifest in my life and relationships. I've learned a lot from Robert and you can too.

Even though  I may not be a genius when it comes to the arena of human interactions,  Robert has an exceptional gift in this area.  And I'm not the only one that feels that way.

Listen to what other people say about him:

"It's really hard to describe, but he has a true knack as a real people person.

I mean, everybody seems to know him when I've been
out and they love him.  It's rare to meet a person that makes people smile and feel good about themselves-What a gift"!

Cherrie/Overland Park, KS




"It was really remarkable to see someone with so much self-confidence and charm that he was willing to unselfishly share with everyone that he made contact with"......

-Jeremy/Kansas City, MO.




..." we see Robert every week at a tearoom in Kansas City and he always has something optimistic and upbeat to say.......

....we've learned a lot about ourselves (all good) from
his conversations. ".......

Amber and Susan/Kansas City, MO




...... "he treated every person he interacted with from the people at his table, ones in passing and the staff all the same.

He smiled and obviously knew how to make them feel like a million dollars.

I continue to feel this way around Robert to this day and can't describe to you how this makes me feel-except great".

Cindy/Kansas City,MO





"Robert happened to be one of my customers on one of the most overwhelming days of the week.  ..... his eye contact and the sincerity in his voice helped me put my chaotic day in perspective".



You see, a lot of people have the same or even higher opinion about Robert.

Robert  helped a lot of  people that he will probably never have personal contact with by distributing a speech I had recorded about human rights violations through his huge network of contacts.

You see that is one of the great things about Robert, he is always willing to help others and give unselfishly of himself.   And that is one of his secrets. 

But I didn't know about his very special knowledge until we went out to dinner one night.   I actually didn't have any real in depth knowledge about Robert until then. 

I sat spellbound as I watched a very magical scene reveal itself before my very eyes that night.

I watched Robert interact with two waiters in a way that was absolutely amazing.  Robert was the star in this play, I was on the stage but I was there as a spectator.  I can't explain what happened, but I can tell you that the two waiters were doing there utmost to make sure that Robert had everything he needed and was well taken care of.

They had warm, friendly conversations with Robert, while I was practically ignored. 

And the really interesting part is that Robert had never eaten at this restaurant before.  He did not know the waiters at all, but it was his knowledge of human dynamics that made him so popular with total strangers. 

And you can tell by what others have said about him that this was no fluke or accident.  Robert knows what he is doing!  And this kind of thing happens to him practically everywhere he goes.

This is why I did such a long recorded interview series with Robert.  I wanted to try and capture and understand the knowledge or 'secrets' that Robert had so that others, including myself, could use them.

In fact,  I recorded over 3 hours of  interview time with Robert which spanned several weeks.  As we got near the end, it became obvious that there was something of great value contained within the interviews. 

I had a friend listen to just a part of the interviews and these are the points that she discovered: 


  • How to  relate to others in order to understand them and have them understand you


  • How to help people to 'open up' to you


  • The Power of the Word  'Maybe'!


  • How to  express sincere appreciation that leaves others feeling great!


  • How to gain an optimistic viewpoint that is contagious and healthy for others and yourself 


  • How to be remembered in a positive light and also how to view yourself more positively. (essential for success)


  • How to have a memorable presence that gains attention and has others remembering who you are.


  • Understand negativity and how it affects your own health and your relationships with others.

  • Discover your source of personal unhappiness and 'process' it so it doesn't continue to bother you. 


  • How to guide other people towards positive thinking. 


  • The importance of finding self for happiness and relating well with others.  The importance of optimism for maintaining a youthful feeling and attitude.


  • How to ask questions that engage others to interact with you in positive ways! 


  • Finding and using a person's area of expertise to make them feel good about themselves


  • Finding the one thing that a person is most proud of 


  • How to give a compliment and how to truly appreciate others so that they know it is honest and sincere


  • The joy of learning new information and sharing it with others


  • The hidden importance of considering others


  • How to get out of a negative state of mind which allows you to get back to focusing on the person you are dealing with  Lowering stress


  • How to learn from mistakes and NOT carry them with you for the rest of your life


Again, these above points come from  listening to only part of the Robert interviews, there is so much more to learn from them.

Originally, I wondered what I should ask people for copies of this interview series.   I thought they could easily be sold for  $147or even $97 dollars.  

But I eventually felt that I wanted people to have this information at a very reasonable rate.  So I settled on $79 dollars.  And that seemed quite responsible at the time.   Yet,  I started to rethink things later. 

This information should be shared with everyone, and price shouldn't be a barrier.  So I decided to lower the price to a ridiculous $19.77.  

So, what would you get for the 'whopping sum' of  $19.77 ?  

You will essentially get 4 things:

1. You will get over 3 hours of the Robert Interviews recorded in MP3 format and instantly downloadable - which means you could be listening to them 10 minutes from now. 

Don't worry about the MP3 format, it is something that virtually any computer will play.  You will even have my contact information to help you listen to them if need be.  

2. You will get a bonus 30 minute interview where Robert tells me about his use of body language and how it has helped him in his interactions with people. (also in MP3 format - immediately available)

3.  You will also get a bonus special report called, "The Power of Why?"  Learn to use the question , Why?, to supercharge your motivational levels to break through barriers and get more  accomplished in your life.   

4. And you will also get a full 77 days (that's over 2 months!) to check out the interviews and if you aren't 100% satisfied for any reason at all, you can receive a full refund on them and you keep all of the bonuses as a "thank you" for trying them out.

I know, at the ridiculously low cost of $ 19.77 you hardly need such a guarantee for satisfaction, but it just shows you how confident I am that you will see that you are getting way more than your money's worth just from the interviews alone. 

Actually, this isn't a principle that Robert talks about but since I think the interviews are worth at least ten times more than $19.77 without even including the bonuses, I am enacting a principle that guarantees your satisfaction.  I'm giving you at least ten times the value compared to the amount you are paying.  So you definitely cannot go wrong for less than the cost of dining out at a decent restaurant, once. 

You know what? Now that I think about it, even if you only learned one thing from the Robert interviews, it would be worth more than $19.77.  But I can guarantee you will learn more than that.  You'll get your money back lickety-split  if I'm wrong.

You've got a tremendous opportunity at a miniscule price waiting for you, right here - on this page.

So just click on the link below and scoop up your very own copy of the Robert Interviews.


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to your growth, learning and success with others 

Dave Snape

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PS.  $19.77 is such a small amount compared to what you are getting. You really cannot go wrong with this.  Might as well just scoop the interviews up now and learn, grow and enjoy!

Hint, you can also make those MP3 files into CDs if you'd like to, provided you (or a friend) has a CD burner. I can walk you through the process if you'd like. Just write or call me.  You will have my contact info once your order is complete.

I can't guarantee that you will be as good as Robert but I can guarantee your satisfaction with the utmost certainty. 


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