My Learning German Adventure Begins…

Ok, so I have to learn German. Why, you may ask? Simple, my wife is German and I have little choice in the matter.

Some of her older relatives do not understand English and it is awkward around her many friends. While they do know and understand English, because they don’t get much practice, it is a struggle for them.

Also, when I am in Germany, it seems a bit unfair that I only speak English, right? I mean it is THEIR country and I should conform to the language there.

Besides, I can’t have my wife with me all of the time and going out to get things at the store is a bit strange when you cannon communicate very well with the people on the street and those who provide service to you.

Besides, the world doesn’t like that Americans are not very ready to embrace other languages. They view us as arrogant and such or so it appears.

If I learn to speak German they will be a lot happier and life will be easier for me.

I wanted my wife to teach me German, but she appears to have unreasonable expectations as to how much I know and how fast I learn.

Therefore, I have had to turn to learning on my own. Time, for me is a bit limited right now, so it is difficult to find the time.

Therefore, I have turned to two programs.

1. The First program I tried is called Rocket German – While it is good. I think the learning process is slower and one of the ‘teachers’ is difficult to listen too – believe it or not, it is the English speaking one. However, this program costs less than the second one I tried and is a good place to start.

2. I’m now using Rosetta Stone – and I find it to be the better of the two. However, it costs almost 5 times as much. I was reluctant to pay so much money, but I’m glad that I did, because it is soooo much better.

It is also pretty obvious that you get the whole deal with number two because they teach the all aspects of the language, including the written part. Ask anyone who speaks both English and German, the German grammar is very different.

As in French, many objects, animals and such have a gender. The sun is female in German. In other languages it is masculine. A small difference you may think, but all-so-important.

Therefore, my top pick is the Rosetta Stone program. It loaded well and it seems to work wonderfully. However, if you want to save money (it costs about 1/4 as much – try the first program.

I also tried a few other programs out, but frankly, they were not worth much. Even my wife said they were not very useful after listening to one of them.

She is pickier than I am. :) I love her though… ( she might read this…)