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Sinus Irrigation - Who Would Have Known that Sinus Irrigation Could Do This?

I'd like to share two interesting stories about sinus nasal irrigation with you.  The first story is mine and the second is that of someone I used to work with. 

You or someone you love may have already experienced a problem that affects the sinuses. You may experience uncontrollable allergies, blocked nasal passages or the feared chronic sinus infection.

My case was relatively simple.  I could not sleep because a terrible head cold was keeping me awake all night long. I used a simple saline / xylitol sinus irrigation solution. 

It was terrible to not be able to inhale through my nose and I had to breathe through my mouth instead. 

Breathing through the mouth really didn't help much.  I had a terrible feeling and it was very uncomfortable.

In the midst of not knowing what could be done, I suddenly recalled that there was something called a Hydro Pulse sinus irrigator sitting in my closet. I pulled it out of the closet and started to read the directions. 

After doing some basic clean up on it, I started use this device according to the directions. I used it several times that night.  The results were in, after several tries, I began to breath easier.  I was excited. 

After that, I really only needed sinus irrigation with the Hydro Pulse another couple of times because my awful cold was subsiding. It was great to be able to breathe easily once more.

My friend at work had a much more powerful experience than mine. We'll just say her name was Jane, even though that is not her real name.

Jane was in a very sad state of affairs.  You could see how miserable she was and that even the area around her eyes was very puffy.

One day we got to talking about this. She had allergies in addition to chronic sinus infections. 

It sounded like she wasn't very happy most of the time.

I told her about the Hydro Pulse.  Jane looked it up and decided that she would try it.  It seemed as if nothing could hurt at this point. She began using the Hydro Pulse sinus irrigation system for about 5 days.  Jane seemed so much happier.  Those dark circles under her eyes lifted and she was energetic.

Back in the old days, they used a different form of irrigation. You may have heard of the neti pot?

The Hydro Pulse is a quicker, easier and more potent way to do nasal irrigation in my opinion.  I've watched videos of people using the nettie pot and it did not seem to be that much fun and perhaps a bit uncomfortable.

If you look below you will find a link to a coupon code to help you find this great device that might help  you with allergies, sinus infections and other sinus or nasal related problems.  You will also find a link to my special report on sinus irrigation.

This article is for information purposes only and does not intend to render advice, diagnoses or treatment for any health problems or conditions. If you have or think you have any type of health problem, please visit your doctor for advice diagnosis and treatment. The USFDA has not evaluated statements about any products in this article. 

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