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Order the Hydro Pulse - Use Coupon Code A-NSDROP
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Order the Hydro Pulse - Use Coupon Code A-NSDROP
Help:  913-269-6952

All of the above bonuses  will arrive in the same package except the e-book. 

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The Hydro Pulse is an FDA registered Device with it's own insurance code.

. Order the Hydro Pulse - Use Coupon Code A-NSDROP
Help:  913-269-6952

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Hydro Pulse Review


Buy Hydro PulseThe Hydro Pulse Worked for Me and for Elise Too!

My friend Elise was suffering from terrible sinus problems. I think it was allergies. She felt terrible and honestly, she looked sick all of the time. There were puffy bags under her eyes - a tribute to her misery.

One day she talked about how horrible she felt, uncomfortable all of the time, with sinus pain and pressure that was constant. Being the kind of health and wellness oriented guy that I am, I immediately suggested the Hydro Pulse.

I told her about it and she looked it up on the Internet. She made some phone calls and discovered that her insurance would pay a portion of the cost for the Hydro Pulse. This is a cool benefit. Not many people know this, but the Hydro Pulse has its own insurance code!

Elise started using the Hydro Pulse and found immediate relief. The sinus pressure went away and she was able to breath easily again. She was very happy and thanked me for recommending the Hydro Pulse to her. I asked her about it recently, because that was many months ago. She said, yes, its great and she still uses it. If she doesn’t use it for a few days, she can tell a difference.

Then it was my turn. I had the symptoms of a head cold. It was winter time and I was uncomfortable to the point of not being able sleep properly. If you know the feeling, it is very uncomfortable, tough to breath, and just no fun. Maybe you know you’ve been there?

Anyway, I tried to create more humidity in the room. It helped but it wasn’t enough. Finally, I remembered that I had an unused Hydro Pulse. I took it out of box and started using it. I used it two or three times the first night and started to feel relief! Oh, it was great. I was able to sleep. After a few days all of my symptoms cleared and I felt a lot better.

Bottom line - The Hydro Pulse Nasal /Sinus Irrigator works!

Buy the Hydro Pulse

( Remember to Use Coupon Code a-nsdrop at checkout)

The relief I experienced was far more valuable to me than the cost of this unit. And the best part is, it will be there for me in the future when I need it too.

This Irrigator is not just for head colds, but also has been proven to work for allergies, sinus problems and other conditions.  In fact, this is a USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration )  registered device, unlike some competitors. It also is honored by many insurance companies and has its own insurance code. It's possible that your insurance will pick up part of the cost for this device.

Ease of Use

I regularly attend the Holistic Health Fair in Kansas City, Mo.  and I usually see a lady selling a squeeze bottle with saline solution to use as a nasal irrigator.  I watched as they showed videos of people using the squeeze bottle to irrigate their nasal passages. 

The differences between using such a device and the Hydro Pulse are vast.  With the squeeze bottle you had to angle everything a certain way and it could get messy. 

I tried the squeeze bottle approach and it was very uncomfortable, so much so that I decided to stop using it.   

Not so with the hydro pulse. You simply plug it in and fill the resevoir and let it work.  It's a lot easier to use the Hydro Pulse than tipping a squeeze bottle back and squeezing solution into your nose or using a Neti Pot.   And a lot more pleasant.  The Hydro Pulse is gentle and a single use will take about 3 minutes.

If we didn't have electricity, the squeeze bottle might be the way to go.  If you do have electricity, you'll want the Hydro Pulse.

How Does it Work?

The Hydro Pulse uses pulsatile irrigation. This is different than just about everything else out there. Basically, it sends a gentle, soothing pulse out to the cilia (motile hairs) in the nasal and sinus cavity. 

These cilia have the natural ability to move phlegm, mucous, allergens and debris out or your body.  If they become overwhelmed they may not be able to handle the work load, become overwhelmed and could even drastically slow down or become even less effective.

The Hydro Pulse clears away excess phlegm, mucous, allergens and other debris from the sinus and nasal passages allowing the cilia to do their job once again.  This is the power of the Hydro Pulse and you may very well breath much easier from using this wonderful device.

The Hydro Pulse also comes with attachments for cleaning the throat and the tongue as well.  That's something the squeeze bottle mentioned previously cannot do.

Cleaning the Tongue and Throat

The Hydro Pulse  ™ Irrigator comes with two attachments for cleaning the throat and tongue. One is for a second member of the family.  Therefore, one Hydro Pulse  ™ can help two people. The gentile, pulsating action of this device can clean away mucous build up in the throat.  If you know what tonsil stones are, you will be delighted to know that the Hydro Pulse can help keep the deep folds of the tonsils clear and clean. 

Those who suffer from bad breath may benefit greatly from this device.  Mucous buildup may contain foul sulfur producing anaerobic bacteria which are considered to be responsible for bad breath.  Using the Hydro Pulse can help to clear this debris away.

Who Created the Hydro Pulse?

The Hydro Pulse was invented by a Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, Dr. Grossan. He created the Hydro Pulse  to be a drug free treatment designed to clean the nasal and sinus passages of excess debris, mucous, phlegm, allergens and other substances as well as freeing the cilia to return to their natural function. 


What are the Benefits to Using the Hydro Pulse?

  • Gently cleans the cilia of the nasal and sinus passages, allowing your body to work more efficiently to remove allergens and congestion

  • Can be used to clean the throat and tongue as well, helping to prevent tonsil stones and bad breath

  • Easy and fast to use. One treatment takes 3 minutes

  • May be eligible for insurance reimbursement

  • FDA registered

  • UL approved

  • 40 supporting medical reports helps to insure that you are getting something that works!

  • Gentle enough to be used by children 6 years and older

  • Great for helping to promote fresh breath as well!


Order the Hydro Pulse - Use Coupon Code A-NSDROP
Help:  913-269-6952

Remember to use Coupon Code a-nsdrop to Receive your Bonuses


If you have any questions, you can call me or reach me at the email address below.

Warm Regards,

David Snape

Happy user of the Hydro Pulse  ™Nasal / Sinus Irrigator and author of the book, "What You Should Know about Gum Disease"

PPS. You are entitled to a digital (download) copy of my book:  What You Should Know about Gum Disease as well as my 5 page report, Fighting Gum Disease, when you purchase a Hydro Pulse  ™ through this page and using Coupon code A-NSDROP  . If you would like to receive them, please send your receipt to david @ tobeinformed.com  along with the email address you would like the bonuses sent to.

PPPS: If you have any questions at all, feel free to give me a call at 913-269-6952 during reasonable hours, please.  I'm on CST (Central Standard Time in the US)  


  • The Hydro Pulse Sinus Irrigator

  • Free Ground Shipping

  • 2 Nasal Tips

  • 2 Throat Irrigator Tips with Advanced Tongue Cleaner

  • Breathe-EaseXL Nasal Moisturizer Starter Package

  • Excerps and Health Tips from The Sinus Cure by Murray Grossan, MD.

  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee



Buy the Hydro Pulse
The Hydro Pulse Sinus / Nasal Irrigator

Use Coupon Code a-nsdrop

Order the Hydro Pulse - Use Coupon Code A-NSDROP
Help:  913-269-6952  



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The Hydro Pulse Nasal / Sinus  Irrigator is the premiere irrigator on the market today.  If you are not already familiar with what the Hydro Pulse  ™can do for you, read my review.



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Please feel free to contact me at  913-269-6952 . I'm on CST (Central Standard Time in the  United States.) 

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The Hydro Pulse Nasal / Sinus Irrigator for Relief


Order the Hydro Pulse - Use Coupon Code A-NSDROP
Help:  913-269-6952

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