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The question: “Does natural vision improvement work?” is an interesting one to say the least.  On the one hand you have pioneers in this field who go way back such as Dr. Bates himself.  On the other side you have a number of eye doctors today who say this is bunk and that it does not work.  Who is right?  that is the major question when it comes to natural vision improvement.

I believe that everyone should be under the care of their eye doctor.  No one should attempt any type of self diagnosis or self-treatment.  But what you can consider doing is finding a doctor that actually believes that you can naturally correct your vision.

Some do, and you just have to look around for one who is willing to indulge you on your quest.  There are a number of things that such a doctor can do.  He can monitor your progress for one!  That way you know if you have been making improvement or not.

If he is knowledgeable about natural vision improvement methods, he may even suggest some relaxation techniques or (gasp – some people don’t believe in them!) eye exercises!

He may also be a doctor who is willing to write you progressively less strong prescriptions as you progress on your vision improvement therapy.  Warning – some people will say this is all silly nonsense and does not work.

There are many opinions out there. Some even believe that you CAN correct vision, but only as a child.  Dr. Bates appears to have treated all ages, but If I remember correctly, even he said it is easier to do with children.

Does it work or not? Do eyesight improvement techniques work?  Well, I do not make any health claims here.  You will have to do your own research and figure out the answer to that question.   But, there are plenty of links on this page to other information sources.   Remember to always work with a doctor, and if you don’t like your doctor’s opinion(s) – you can always find another doctor!

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