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The Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator


For many people expensive dental bills from:

1. Cavities

2. Cracked Teeth

3. Gum Disease

…. and more are things that we would rather avoid.   While there is not guarantee that you can avoid them, perhaps there is something that might help in ways that are surprising…

My Favorite Home Use Dental Health Tool

This is the Hydro Floss or HydroFloss oral irrigator.   This device has helped many people achieve and maintain better periodontal health.

The objective measure of the good results is in hearing from your dentist or hygienist that your periodontal pocket depths have returned to the level of 3mms or below.

When this occurs, generally speaking, most dental health practitioners will agree that you have good periodontal health.

You can read more about this fantastic machine and see videos and customer reviews by clicking here.

Long History

The Hydro Floss has providing results ever since the inventor of it, conquered his own periodontal issues.  That was some twenty plus years ago.

Since that time, the Hydro Floss has seen two peer reviewed studies by that were published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology.  In both studies, the effectiveness of the Hydro Floss was compared to irrigators that did not use its patented and special magnetic technologies.

In both studies, the results were clear and deemed significantly significant (these are the magic words if you know anything about how research works).

The Hydro Floss was demonstrated to ‘reduce plaque and tartar build up between office visits’ by close-to-mid double digit percentages.

The Scoop

Hydro Floss users don’t need peer reviewed studies to validate what they already know.  Many of them will tell you about the results they have obtained.

For me personally,  the Hydro Floss helped me to avoid a ‘deep cleaning’ treatment.  This is also known as Scaling and Root Planing.  Read more.

 Specialty Tips For Deeper Pockets

Although the regular jet tips that come with the Hydro Floss are all that you need to get started, there are also specialty tips available for those struggling with deeper pocket depths:

  1. For those struggling with 5 and 6mm pockets, there are the Pocket Pal Tips as well as the Sulcus Jet Tips.
  2. For those with pocket depths as deep as 8-10mm, there are the special Cannula Tips.

Parts Are Readily Available

Sometimes people like to extend the life of their current Hydro Floss.  This is easy to do with a variety of parts that are available here. 

The Hydro Floss Reservoir is a part that people sometimes drop and break.   It is less expensive to buy a replacement reservoir rather than a whole new Hydro Floss.

The Hose And Handle Assembly come as one piece.  It does take some mechanical ability to install the Hose & Handle Assembly.  Instructions are not included.

There is also a replacement O-Ring  for where the reservoir sits on the base.

There is also a replaceable plastic insert that sits IN the bottom of the reservoir and is responsible for and controls the flow of water into the base.

You can also obtain a HydroFloss Repair Kit that includes a reservoir, two O-Rings and two plastic inserts.

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