What’s so Great About the Holistic Health Fair in Kansas City, Missouri ?

By Dave / November 13, 2006

Today I participated in the Kansas City Holistic Health Fair at UMKC (University of Missouri in Kansas City).

I facilitated or convened a session for people who were interested in learning the beautiful, peaceful, energizing and health sustaining exercises of Falun Dafa.

I’ve been practicing these exercises for over seven years now. They form the very cornerstone of my personal health regimen and I would not want to be without them.

I don’t have any pictures from the fair today, but you can see me doing one of the exercises (this is the sitting meditation, the other exercises are all standing) in a picture that is now a few years old.

sitting -david


I’ll see if I can get any pictures from today on the blog. My friend had his camera, but I don’t know if he took any pictures. If he did and he is kind enough to send them to me, I’ll add them here in the future.

So what are these exercises good for? In my case, they relieved my body of chronic back pain that nothing else I tried could get rid of.

Two months (or less) after I learned them, I stopped going to the chiropractor because my back no longer hurt. Over seven years, you can imagine how much money, hassle, time, frustration and grief that has saved me.

I’ve met quite a few people who were in far worse shape than me that claim they became healthier from practicing these gentle, energizing and peaceful exercises along with reading the texts of Falun Dafa, namely Zhuan Falun.

You can read their stories in this book which was coauthored by two medical doctors. (tell me that times are not changing!) :

health cover


You can also read the short but sweet story of my friend Cat, who lives in a city about 30 miles from here. Her story has a happy ending.

I can also say that I have met people that have claimed they got rid of cancer or other serious illness from practicing Falun Gong.

Is it true? I believe them, as they are credible, sincere people.

Of course, if you have something as terrible as cancer, you’d better go seek the help of your doctor.

Teaching the class on Falun Gong exercises at the Holistic Health Fair in Kansas City

This was the highlight of the day for me. I really enjoy helping other people find out about the Falun Gong exercises.

I started out by explaining that even though we were going to spend our time learning the exercises of Falun Gong, the real power of the practice is in reading the book Zhuan Falun.

books zfl


Zhuan Falun is full of profound insight that I believe can make anyone’s life happier and more well adjusted.

I remember the first time that I read it. The book resonated so deeply with me that I believe it changed my focus and outlook on life into a far better direction than I would have even understood to be possible previous to encountering it.

I would go so far as to say that this book has become a best friend. It has brought me a peace and comfort that few will get to experience in the course of their lives. (sadly enough)

After explaining that the book was the most important factor of the practice, I went on to help them all learn the five easy to do and gentle exercises.

45 minutes goes by very quickly when teaching the exercises.

What else was at the Holistic Health Fair in Kansas City?

There were many, many interesting people and exhibits at the KC fair.
I noticed there were booths on everything from neti pots to exotic health care products to chiropractic and biomechanics.

I think what struck me was how interesting the people were. Everyone there had a bend towards natural health of course. However, I found that the thinking of the people there was similar to my own and whenever I get in an environment like that, I feel like I’m in my element.

I couldn’t really sit still, I had to go and see what everyone was up to.
Yet, time is always a factor and it wasn’t possible for me to get to everyone’s booth or even have a conversation with each and every person. There were probably 3 dozen or more exhibits there.

One exhibit I found particularly interesting was a center for a group of holistic health care practitioners. The chiropractor among them, who was not at the fair, did not practice ‘regular’ chiropractic. She had an interesting practice that involved realignment of the spine that lead to a more permanent solution.

In other words, patients would NOT need to keep coming back for treatment the rest of their lives. Her assistant was there, and told me that it was more like a retraining of the body. She used ‘head forward posture’ as an example.

Many people in the modern world have ‘head forward posture’ to varying degrees. I’ve known this for a long time, eversince I was a student in chiro school.

Anyway, using ‘head forward posture’ as an example, she explained how they would go about correcting such a situation and ‘retraining’ the patients body to correct the ‘head forward posture’.

Over time, ‘head forward posture’ can lead to a hunched back as the body ‘grows’ to meet the demands of having the head lean too far forward from optimum posture.

This may not seem to be a problem for a lot of people in the early stages, but as I mentioned over the course of decades it can lead to rounded shoulders and an eventual hunchback.

I don’t think anyone would want a hunchback so sit up straight and keep an eye on the alignment of your neck and head to the rest of your body.

This is especially true for people who do a lot of desk / computer work, like me. ( I am seeing this problem of head forward posture in myself as well).

Anyway through special instruments, exercises and a home care kit, they would help the patient to realign and stay realigned. I would be interested to see what the home self-maintenance kit had in it but she didn’t have one there to show me.

[On a side note: Here is a quick reference of chiropractic jargon that I recently found doing a google search. It is by no means comprehensive, but it is interesting all the same. ]

Purchase of products

While attending the Holistic Health Fair in Kansas City, I purchased some shaving cream, after shave balm and deodorant that promised to be made from all natural ingredients.

Truth be told, these products seemed a bit overpriced. I don’t know much about them but if they are of any noteworthiness I’ll let you know on this blog.

If I’m going to be honest, I bought them primarily because of my interest in the woman who was selling them. Such is the power of attraction. I’m not quite free of the influence that such sentimentality can wield over me or any other human being for that matter.

Vegan Dinner

To round out the day, after the Holistic Health Fair was over, I went to a vegan dinner sponsored by a local group.

I’m not a vegan, nor am I likely to become one. However the food was very good. Again, no pictures to share on this.

I think I’m just adding this to give you a sense of the fullness of the day.

Be healthy and well!

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