How Can I Lose Weight?

By Dave / November 28, 2006

Great question!

scaleI believe weight loss is a very simple thing to achieve. It does require discipline, that is true. However, it is not hard to do.

Here are some of my suggestions for weight loss:

1. Don’t mix starches (carbs) and proteins. – This will be a hard one for a lot of people. Getting used to the idea that foods like meat and potatoes shouldn’t be consumed at the same meal breaks with all kinds of tradition. But, this is very, very powerful and important.

Take advantage of this and you will cut your weight loss curve drastically. Ignore this and you may see the consequences in your mirror.

weight-liftingIf you are a total work out freak that burns calories like crazy, then you CAN ignore this one. In fact, such a person won’t be reading this because she wouldn’t have a weight problem.


For the person that doesn’t have the time to work out all day long, you food and weight lossshould consider paying attention to what you eat, how much you eat and the combinations that you eat foods in. Here is an article about fats and crabohydrates that further explains this principle.

That doesn’t mean you can lose weight without exercise. Exercise is a necessary component to healthy weight loss. (you can always starve yourself but that is not healthy nor desirable – long term, healthy weight loss should be your goal)



This means that hamburgers/buns – hot dogs on buns and any food that includes sugar and butter (fat) together are combinations to avoid. Oh, and candy is almost always a mixture of fats and carbohydrates – eating them is akin to asking for fat production in your body.


hamburgerCarbohydrates and fats need to be avoided in combination. Eat carbs in one meal and fats in a separate meal. Actually, you want to limit the amount of fats to essential fats as much as possible. The other fats are not needed by your body, but essential fats are needed. So you must consume them.

2. Burn through the short term energy supply to start burning fat – As stated previously, healthy weight loss requires exercise. You must exercise for a number of reasons.

A.) You must exercise to preserve lean muscle mass. What does this mean? When losing weight, you will lose various kinds of bodily tissue and one of them is muscle tissue. You don’t want this. female

1. Resting lean muscle burns more calories than any other kind of body tissue. Therefore, during the process of weight loss you want to conserve your muscle mass while losing other tissue, namely fat tissue. The only way to do this is by using weight bearing exercise to help keep up your lean muscle mass.

2. Losing weight is pointless if there is no tone muscle to show off. Losing weight is great, but being skinny with no muscle tone doesn’t look good.

B.) In order to start burning fat off your body, you must first use up the body’s short term energy supply which is stored in the liver. The liver releases its glucose storage into the blood stream to supply your body with energy. When that short term supply is used up, your body will turn to long term storage (fat).

liverThere are varying ideas on the approximate time this occurs. And since you aren’t going to be using sophisticated equipment to monitor the precise moment that your body switches to its long term supply, you can only guess when this will occur.

Some factors that can affect this are:

1. how long since your last meal? Your short term energy supply is like a sandbox. Fill it up until it overflows and you will make fat (long term energy storage). Use it up until the sandbox is empty and your body will go for its fat reserves. If you haven’t eaten because you have been asleep overnight, then you might be close to depletion. If you just ate an hour ago, you probably aren’t anywhere near depletion.

2. What kind of exercise are you engaged in? Obviously climbing a mountain is going to use a lot more energy than walking from the sofa to the refrigerator.

If your preferred exercise is walking, it may take up to 45 minutes to burn through the short term supply and start burning fat. If you are engaged in some other type of more vigorous exercise you may reach the point of short term energy depletion sooner.

3.) Drink plenty of water – Water is important for virtually every body function to work at its peak performance. A biochemistry teacher told our class that people should drink beyond the recommended two liters a day. His feeling was that everyone should drink at least a gallon of water per day.

glass of waterIt is a known fact that we often think we are hungry, when in fact we are merely thirsty. The body is crying for water, but we interpret it as hunger.

Digesting the food, uses up more water, causing the body to cry louder. (and you may think you are just hungry for more food )

Start drinking more water. Do it today. When you are fully hydrated you will feel more energy, more motivation and more zest for life. ( and less hungry)

Drinking water is far better than drinking coffee which only serves to dehydrate you more. If you drink coffee, try drinking twice that amount of water to offset the dehydration effect.

Basically, start drinking a lot more water and see if your body doesn’t do everything a little better.

About motivation:

I wrote an article called Weight Loss Discipline.

It is hard to cut out certain foods ALL of the time. So you might pick one day a week when you allow yourself to splurge a little. Otherwise, try not to do so.

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Check with your doctor before attempting to lose weight or taking up any form of exercise.

One word of caution: be sure to check with your doctor before changing your exercise level, starting a diet or altering your water intake.

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