What About Diet Supplements for Weight Loss?

By Dave / December 2, 2006

You do not need diet supplements to lose weight. Period, end of story.

The key to weight loss is the depletion of the body’s short term energy supply so that you can begin to burn off the long term storage supply (called fat). If you do that consistently, you will lose weight over time.

That’s it, that is the secret to weight loss (in a nutshell).

weight-lifting-1[1]There are some other things that can be very helpful and should be taken into consideration, but diet supplements are not one of them. Ultimately the above statement is revealing what you really need to understand and put into practice to lose weight. (the key concept)

You also need to exercise in order to conserve your muscle tissue during weight loss. It is helpful to know how to eat properly too. Ok, there are a few more things to know about weight loss, but it really isn’t that hard.

As I mentioned before you don’t need diet supplements, but some people are probably going to want to know about them anyway.

Instead, I would focus on the SOLID information that actually works.  I have two resources for that.

One is by a body builder but it is not just for body builders.  It has real science in it and not many ‘weight loss’ resources do.  Get past the body builder image – this has the information for non body builders to help them lose weight the right way:  http://www.Tobeinformed.com/burnfat

The second resource I wrote myself.  It is a bit crude but it tells you everything you need to know in about 9 pages –

You can find it at http://www.WeightLossSimplePlan.com

Some people have probably been taking diet supplements and might want to know what works and what does not work. This book will fill you in.

If I were taking diet supplements I would tell myself to stop. I would get serious about consistently burning my fat reserves (far easier than you might think) and enjoy normal long-term weight loss.

I think we should have a free forum for weight loss. I have a place in mind. if you are interested in discussing weight loss experiences (or lack thereof) let me know and I will tell you how to get there.

*Remember to check with your doctor before attempting to lose weight or begin exercising

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