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Bad News from the Dentist

By Dave / April 30, 2007


I just came from the dentist office today and they gave me some very inturbidating options. They said I have Stage Four periodontal disease and want to pull all of my top teeth as I qualify for a grant that would buy dentures.

Any type of surgery etc. for me is iffy, as I have low blood clotters, which may be saving me from things like high blood pressure, etc. and which may be the result of my taking herbs.

However, I told the person helping me that I know of two people that turned their gum disease around. You are one of them.

My question is, yours is probably NOT as advanced as this, Stage Four, right?

Although they don’t think so, I know ALL things are possible. The “experts” said that the world was flat, that airplanes wouldn’t fly, that cancer, polio and arthritis are incurable.

The experts were wrong.

So knowledge is power and putting works to faith is what I best be about (like using my Hydro Floss machine which I have’nt yet, oohh but will tonight!!!).

I’ve got to keep my spirit up. And so God is assisting me in doing that.
Anyway, just thought to communicate and ask you what I did.

Take Care and keep up the good works. – Lois