Bilberry Resource List

Bilberry is a plant found in North America and Northern Europe. It is related to Blueberries. As you may have heard, it is rumoured to have been used by British pilots in WWII when they flew bombing missions over Germany. The pilots had complained of not being able to see well at night and bilberry jam is supposed to be the form they took the bilberry in.

You can find a handful of Bilberry resources below. Bilberry is alleged to be useful in the following ways:

Improving night vision.

As an antioxidant

strengthens red blood cells & capillaries around the eyes as well as the rest of the body.

Bilberry leaf may contain bioflanonoids, zinc, fatty acids, and phosphorus among other trace minerals.

Where can you find Bilberry leaf and supplements? I’ve compiled a short list below. This list is in no way conclusive. You may add to the list via the comment section below.

Bulk Bilberry Leaf from Herbalcom
Get bilberry and more.

Bilberry Capsules – Made Fresh
We will manufacture your Bilberry order in one (1) business day. You pick capsule type & bottle Review Bilberry information at our site.

Bilberry Extract Herb Supplement
Benefits of bilberry discussed by Ray Sahelian, M.D.

Organic quality, hypoallergenic Bilberry

Bilberry Herbs
Bilberry herb pure extract and herbal blends

Billberry Products -Fight the effects of aging on the eyes and protect eyesight with natural vision aids.

Buy Bilberry Supplements

Bilberry is used for supporting normal vision.

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