On Natural Remedies

Something I remembered the other night, I
wanted to share with you. I may
have talked about it before.

I rediscovered a little trick to get more
energy and I’m not sure if it only works
for me or if it will work for others as

If anyone tries, please let me know your

Here it is: take two small capfuls of apple
cider vinegar in a 12-16 ounce glass of water.

The last two nights I have done that and I
have stayed awake far longer than usual.

Some people talk up the supposed health
effects of apple cider vinegar while others
say those effects are not true or not
proven scientifically.

You know what is funny about that argument,
the one about science? Nobody has
disproved the theories or effects of natural
products like apple cider vinegar either.

Now, if you are going to be truly scientific
about things you can’t just be on one side.
You have to actually do the science to see
what the truth is.

But the funny thing is, nobody has spent the
money and run the tests to disprove natural
remedies, yet they turn around and say it must
be false because it has not been PROVEN yet.

Give me a break, that is about as far away from
true science as you can get and in fact it
borders on negligence.

The scoop is that the drug companies have the
resources and money to test their drugs because
they have an interest in patents and profit.

But natural remedies have been around for a
LONG time and no one owns the patent on them, so
it isn’t profitable to test them.

Isn’t it ironic? Something better might exist
in your back yard yet no one has taken the time
to test it out.

I’ve created an alphabetical list of remedies here:

I was just on the FDA website last night and I’m
bound to tell you that the statements made about
products have not been evaluated by the Food and
Drug Administration and are not intended to
cure, treat, prevent or diagnose any disease or
health condition.

So there you have it, all legal and such.

One alternative remedy site I really like is
this one:



Here is a no cost report on gum disease that is
actually pretty informative. (check it out)


What I do to keep my gums healthy, as you may
have heard me say before, is use this product:


So there you have it for today!

BTW,there are a number of email courses available
on the home page:


just scroll down and you’ll see a list of them.

Let me know if there is a specific topic you
want me to delve into next time.

PS. stay cool and drink plenty of water-
that is if you are staying in the northern
hemisphere right now. Otherwise,
keep warm!

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