I was surprised to discover that there are
actually a ton of people on antianxiety and
antidepressant medications.

I have a friend that spends $125 per month on
antidepressant medication.

You and I both can recognize that there is
a ton of stress in the world toady. I totally

I would never, ever tell anyone that they
shouldn’t be taking medication. That is the
realm of physicians – a place I personally
don’t tread.

What is kind of neat to know is that in Europe,
a lot of people take St. John’s Wort –
also known as Hypericum Perforatum to deal with
their anxiety and depression.

It’s something that can be found in health food
stores everywhere.

There is a psychologist out there who created
a lot of herbal remedies based on her experience
and knowledge and one of them contains
St. John’s Wort.

She calls it PureCalm.

I hope everyone is doing well.




This opinion blog is for information purposes only and is not
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issue. If you have or think you might have a health
condition or issue, please contact your primary care
physician for proper diagnoses and treatment. The
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