Charisma, love, medicine and miracles

Imagine yourself as a very charismatic person.
That is how Robert is. Everyone is fascinated by him
and I wanted to find out why and share it
with you.

If you read the
article about Bernie Siegel, you may have
realized that the mind can influence the body.

Anyway, would you like to learn about one of
the pearl’s of wisdom that Robert shared
last night?

Think how surprising it is to realize that the
very same principles that allow a person to
recover from cancer as documented in Bernie’s
book are the same principles that make a person
super charismatic!

Robert has an incredible influence and affect on
people due, in part, to his ability to focus on
something he likes about the person while talking
to them.

I view this as focusing on an aspect of the person
that you love. And becoming a more loving
accepting person is the same principle that Bernie
said causes some people to go into remission.

As you can plainly see, being loving towards
others pays benefits in both the health realm
AND socially and that is important news!

Robert was interviewed for two hours last night
and you can bet he shared more secrets than what
was revealed above. I’ll keep you posted on
when his interview will be available and where.

For now, you might want to have a copy of
Bernie’s book, it is fairly inexpensive but
it is worthy of keeping around in your personal

Bernie’s book is: Love, Medicine and Miracles,

It’s fairly interesting to me that more people
aren’t using these principles for their health
and daily lives.

Now even though Bernie’s book has some powerful
stuff in it. I just want to say that the
information in this email is for information
purposes only.

If you are sick or think you are, please contact
your primary care physician for diagnoses and

And why not ask him or her if it’s ok to
read Bernie’s book? He is a fellow MD.
after all.

Another resource that has been used by
people to fight cancer and a host of other
ailments is Essiac

My mother uses it – she makes her own,
but if you want to obtain some ready made
Essiac - try –

If you want your own recipe, similiar to the one
that my mother uses, email me at
and I will get it to you.

^fname^ – you can get the basic ingredients at y
our local health food store and the rest is just

Finally, I wanted to make sure you knew about the
remedies resource on the To Be Informed website

Tons of information there for you:

Until next time,

all the best,

Dave Snape


Remember – this post is for information only.
if you are sick or think you might be, contact
your physician. None of the statements herein
have been verified by the food and drug

This post is for information purposes only and is
not meant to treat, diagnose or prevent any health
condition or illness. Consult your physician for
diagnoses, prevention and treatment. Any statements
made have not been evaluated by myself or the USFDA.

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