Bad Breath Revisited

You might as well bulk up and give that nasty
breath the 1-2 punch and leave it kissing the
canvas for the duration. (leaving you to kiss
your loved ones in peace)

Here is one way you can do it:

And if you want to have even whiter teeth on top
of having fresher breath, you can!
It will be like standing over that bully in the
school yard with your hand upstretched and the sunlight
gleaming off your magnificient smile!

If you like that vision, try one of these:



3. Go with value Pak F at:

– by now you should be well on your
way to winning the struggle with bad breath.

If for some reason you are not, then write to
me at and let me know
what you think is stopping you.

You should be a champion at this point.

Update added on March 5, 2005:
Now you can have:

Over $33.45 of clinical bad breath formulas

All the best,

Dave Snape

copyright 2005 by David Snape

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