Hair Loss Days 5 and 6

Good news. On day five and six of using this product I noticed something noteworthy.

What I found out was that the shampoo and conditioner appear to be making my hair stronger.
For example as an experiment yesterday and today while applying the shampoo and conditioner
I got a little vigorous in its application. (this means I vigorously applied the shampoo and conditioner – harder than I normally do) And I found that I didn’t lose any hair from doing so on day 5 and only 1 on day 6.

Let me qualify this -in the past I wouldn’t do that because I would be too afraid of causing hair to fallout.

I mentioned in my previous posts that I like this product -

I don’t have enough time of use to tell you ifthe scalp therapy is working, but I can tell you that the shampoo and conditioner are something I plan to continue using, I’m getting good results as described above and it is only day 6.

It is too soon to tell if there will be any regrowth on previously barren spots. But I will try to keep you posted.

Everyone is different so you might not experience the same effects I do. I’m just using this blog to report my subjective results.


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