Kettlebell Training on DVD

I am delighted to let you know that Pavel’s groundbreaking Russian Kettlebell Challenge is now available in a DVD format.

Now, you can take advantage of DVD’s capabilities to save time and easily select just the techniques you want to concentrate on. Yes,you can target every exercise separately with the comprehensive menu set-up.

Would you like to experience faster-than-ever fat loss, dramatic strength gains and a super-high level of conditioning?

Are you ready to break through to a whole new world of physical excellence—and gain a competitive advantage in everything you do?

Would you like to add a high-octane mix of brutally invigorating,super-charged kettlebell exercises to your current program?

Then run, don’t walk to secure your own copy of Pavel’s

The Russian Kettlebell Challenges—Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades

I wrote an article about Russian Kettlebells that you can see here. As you can tell, I’m pretty enthusiastic about kettlebells and what they can do for you!

all the best,


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