The Cambridge Institute for Better Vision…

I first tried the Cabridge Institute for Better Vision’s program over 2 decades ago if I remember correctly.

At one time, my prescription was -3.25 in one eye and -3.0 in the other eye.

Currently, I use a -2.25 correction for both eyes but according to the German optician I visited, I should be using a -2.5 (both eyes) pair of glasses. In Germany, you do not have to be an optometrist or medical doctor to prescribe prescription lenses.  But you do have to be certified to do so.

My optometrist in the US suggested that my ideal correction should be -2.5 or -2.75.

However, you may wonder why I have not done better? I believe the reason is because I have not been Working The Program!

If you don’t do the exercises and relaxation techniques it is not likely that you will see any improvement.

Unfortunately, I am a busy person and I do not carve out the time I should each day to work an eye exercise program.  Therefore, if you are going to attempt one, you should resolve to have the dedication, focus and perseverance to keep going before you spend your money.   You should plan do work on this every day.

I hope that you will do better than I have!

Click here to Visit the Cambridge Institute’s Website

* please be advised that this post is for information purposes only and does NOT intend suggest advice, diagnosis or treatment for any eye condition whatsoever!  If you have or think you might have vision problem – YOU MUST visit your properly licensed physician for advice, diagnosis and treatment.  The USFDA has not evaluated any statements about any products on this site.  Furthermore, you should be aware that the human body can differ vastly from one person to the next.  Therefore, even is someone else gets results from a particular program or product,  you can not expect that you will receive the same results.

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