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Plant Based Remedies – The More Natural Approach

- Less Side Effects

echinacea bigPerhaps one of the biggest reasons to choose naturally occurring plant (or phyto) chemicals and their healing properties are the terrible side effects of prescription medications. There are so many documented side effects to prescription meds that it is mind boggling.

We have all experienced or heard of the situation where someone had to change prescriptions because of the ‘side-effects’.

Some people get on additional prescription meds to counter the side-effects of the original drug. Remember the older woman who had so many pills to take everyday that she could not keep track of them all and needed a special system to know when and how to take which drug?

Dangerous drug interactions kill many more people than you might imagine every single year in hospitals. This shows that even the medical professionals have trouble preventing the problems that come from dangerous but overlooked combinations of drugs.

Next time you buy a prescription drug – ask for the list of side-effects from your pharmacist – don’t just go by the package insert, get them to print you the FULL list.

- Less cost

goldensealPlant based, ‘natural’ remedies are not isolated, synthesized and concentrated specific chemicals or ‘active ingredients’. One of the theories of natural healing is that natural phyto (plant) chemicals work in tandem to promote healing.

Contrast that with concentrated, isolated chemicals or ‘active’ ingredients that have been copied from plants and artificially recreated in a laboratory, mass produced and prescribed to you. It’s like processing food, all the ‘natural’ is gone!

Plant based remedies don’t need to recoup the costs of expensive studies, trials, mass marketing and law suits for dangerous side effects that were NOT discovered (or were ignored) before sending a drug to consumers!



ginsengLife has become so complicated and it seems that we pay through the nose for solutions that might actually be less-than-ideal.

What if our world’s doctors and scientists actually focused on studying and using treatments that actually worked, that were simple, uncomplicated and didn’t cost millions and billions of dollars to produce?

How come people are able to help themselves with less expensive, natural alternatives AFTER the expensive, side effect riddled solutions that seem to be so expensive and cause even more problems to human beings did not work (or not as well)?

Have they been looking for answers in the wrong places?


Start healing, living and loving more naturally!

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Disclaimer: This page is for information purposes only and does NOT intend to provide advice, diagnosis or treatment for any health condition whatsoever. If you have or think you might have a health issue of any kind, contact your physician for Advice, Diagnosis and Treatment. The USFDA has NOT evaluated any statements made about any products mentioned here. Again, this is for information and entertainment purposes only AND…

I’m very thankful that I do not rely on others (especially the government) to tell me what is best for me and that I have a brain and can think for myself!


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