Revivogen day 4

Revivogen Day 4

So far so good. I only saw two hairs fallout after washing this morning. This is pretty good. Not that I was seeing that many before. But this is even cooler.

I must clarify ( he he) that I used a capful of apple cider vinegar in two cups of water as a pre rinse. This is nothing unusual for me and I have done it when I was using other shampoos as well. I do this about once per week.

I believe it removes buildup from the scalp and hair. Some people say they need to change their shampoos frequently. I have heard someone say once a month and I have heard another person say she changes shampoo daily.

Anyway, I believe that by using the clarifying treatment of apple cider Vinegar and water, that I avoid having to switch up shampoos all the time.

I definitely like the Revivogen shampoo and condititoner as a combo. I’m pretty happy with it. They sent the conditioner as a sample with my order of shampoo and scalp therapy but I like it a lot and will most likely be ordering more of it.

My hair is definitely thicker and probably stronger as a result. I have used other thickening conditioners in the past and the truth is, they do thicken the hair but they also dry it out. With Revivogen conditioner, I’m not seeing the same degree of dry hair that I was before.

I’ll keep you posted.

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