ADHD Natural Remedy May Be A Benefit To You, Your Child And Your Family…

ADHD-BottleADHD Natural Remedy May Help Relieve Hyperactivity With Less Side Effects Than Prescription Drugs…

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Why A More Natural Alternative May Be Better:

Many of today’s prescription drugs are simply chemically altered copies or near-copies of naturally occurring plant chemicals (phyto chemicals). The ‘active ingredient’ has been isolated, removed, duplicated and put into a much more concentrated form.

The ‘concentrated form’ may not be as great for us as the original, natural form.

In addition, many of those who have studied natural healing believe that more natural plant chemicals come in forms that are healthier for our bodies with far less side effects.

Side effects of stimulant drugs can be potentially harmful to the body. Always ask your pharmacist for a list of side effects for any prescription drug that you purchase – you may be very surprised to see how long the list is!

What exactly is in this natural remedy?


Arsen iod

Verta alb


Lactose (inactive ingredient)

What Form Does It Come In?

This herbal remedy, called Bright Spark, comes in very small, nice tasting, chewable, dissolvable tablets (can dissolve in the mouth).

This Natural Remedy is registered with the US Food and Drug Administration.


* Helps Hyper Active Children Be More Calm

* Helps Concentration So That Children Will Focus

* Helps to Smooth Out Impulsive Behavior And Excessive Attention -Seeking

* Make Social Interaction More Palatable by Reducing Behavioral Issues

* In All Ages – Can Help to Alleviate Involuntary Twitching And Spasms As Well as noises

Not sure if this is right for your family or your child?

Read more about this Remedy and other Related Remedies Here.

Read More On ADHD Remedy

*This page is for information purposes only and does not intend to provide diagnosis, advice or treatment for any health condition. If you have or think you might have a health condition, including, but not limited to, ADHD, consult your doctor for advice, diagnosis and treatment. The FDA has not evaluated information about this product.

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