Important: Discover the Worry Free Alternatives to Hard Core Prescription Medications for ADHD

childhoodADHDThere are indeed cheaper alternatives to ADHD prescription drugs. However, these alternatives may not be for everyone, you should do your own research to determine if the potential benefits are appealing to you.

Sometimes prescription meds may be the only solution. However, in many cases this may not be the case and a less expensive natural alternative, with less side-effects may be the right thing for you and/or your child.

The use of prescription drugs alone is only one approach to solving the problem. The side effect list is not short and there is the possibility for long term side effects. The risk for depression as an adult appears to be greater for those who used ADHD meds as a child.

Some alternatives, which can often times be applied simultaneously include: dietary control, homeopathic remedies, behavioral therapy and trained relaxation techniques. With such approaches, especially in tandem, you may go beyond simply suppressing symptoms with a drug and even have the potential to reach the deeper cause of the problem.

If you are able to successfully resolve these deeper issues, then you may reach a point where prescription drugs are no longer necessary. Note: be sure to check with your physician before taking your child or yourself off a prescription medication.

Dietary control could be very helpful because you can remove aggravators of ADHD symptoms by simply eliminating certain food from the diet. Here are some of the food that have been suspected of contributing to ADHD symptoms: fried foods, food coloring, MSG and pasteurized dairy products. (Special Note: Those who utilize raw dairy often find that they do not have the problems or intolerance that can come from drinking pasteurized milk. A good resource for information on raw milk is

If you suspect that an item in the diet is contributing to ADHD symptoms, you can simply eliminate that item for a period of two weeks and carefully note any differences you might see. Keeping a food diary is often helpful in pin pointing foods that might be causing or adding to a problem. If you need help on dietary planning you can always consult a qualified nutritionist for helpful advice and information.

If you are lucky enough to find relief through symptoms just through diet alone, then you are very fortunate! As mentioned before, a combination of approaches may be beneficially when you seek to reduce the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – or perhaps other diseases for that matter!

Relaxation techniques may also be helpful. Some possibilities include music therapy, aroma therapy, biofeedback training, meditation, massage therapy or perhaps long leisurely walks! Now some of these may or may not be appealing to your child, but if you are able to enjoy one or more of these along with your child, it may make it more palatable for him or her.

The fear of medicating your child is a valid one. You are definitely not alone if you fear the side effects of ADHD medication. Sometimes behavioral therapy can be helpful when done by a licensed psychologist. This type of therapy can actually help the child disrupt hurtful though patterns and develop better social relations with others. This can lead to much more fulfilling relationships as well.

angelabYou may also wish to adjunct any of the above natural approaches wh a homeopathic remedy. The point of this would be to help relieve symptoms, giving the other approaches a chance to work. The homeopathic remedies do not suffer from the disadvantage of side effects like the prescription medications do. This type of solution uses natural ingredients that help restore balances in the body – seeking the end effect of stabilizing moods and forming the basis for a positive outlook.

Because of the side effects of ADHD prescription medications, alternative treatment for ADHD may be worth checking into both for your child’s well-being as well as yours. You would not be the first parent to worry about the negative side-effects that strong medications can and often do bring.
If you would like, you can read more about adhd alternatives

Scott Starsky writes about ADHD and alternative ADHD treatments, visit to learn more.

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