The Old Way of Healing and Natural Remedies is Growing Strong Again….

Sometimes, the pendulum swings too far to one side creating an imbalance in the way of things. So it is between the well established and powerful companies that manufacture and market prescription drugs and those who remember the old ways of natural healing or have rediscovered them. The powerful have become too powerful.

In ancient terms it is the tension and conflict that exists between the mechanists and the vitalists. Perhaps now the mechanists have become a bit too powerful. Some speculate that they have control even over government agencies that are designed to regulate such things. With such power, even questionable things can be officially ‘approved’. But is the research all that solid in the end?

As the counterpoint to this alleged tragedy, the vitalists persist. Despite efforts to obliterate them, the old ways, old remedies, old books, old lore is still passed down. In fact, many of the so called ‘modern’ ways are simply synthetic copies of isolated ‘active ingredients’ found in nature, mostly in plants.

As you can imagine, the natural remedies that live and grow in nature, in our forests, jungles, deserts and even in our own backyards, have trouble being recognized or even discussed by certain government agencies. It could be argued that our government has an obligation to study and validate natural ways of healing to save us health care dollars. Mother nature existed long before our current human power structure evolved and will be here long after it is gone. She never needed human kind’s or government’s approval in the first place. On the other hand, humans and even governments need mother nature. We are on a tiny planet in a vast universe. Mother nature is all that, and we, as humans, are puny in comparison.

The pendulum is due or getting close to the point where it has to swing back. As a result, those who have preserved and conserved the ancient healing methods like herbal remedies passed down to us persist. They are there. The knowledge is there. One merely has to look. Now days, that looking is getting easier and easier all of the time. The more greedy the current power structure’s components get, the more the old, natural ways of healing will rise again. In the end, people will turn to them as the cost of ‘modern’ treatment spirals beyond the reach of the majority of human beings.

On the other hand, there are folks who plain don’t really care about the current power structure, they just plain believe in the old and natural way of doing things. Some are extremely well versed in these natural methods. They follow that way because it just makes sense to them! Follow the links below to learn more about natural healing ways.

Read more about nature based herbal remedies at

David Snape is the author of the book: What You Should Know about Gum Disease. ISBN: 978-0981485508 – Available online at most book retailer sites. It can also be ordered by most book stores.

Disclaimer: This article is for information and entertainment purposes only. It does not intend to render advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have or think you might have gum disease or any other health problem, visit your periodontist or physician for advice, diagnosis and treatment. The USFDA has not evaluated statements about products in this article.

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