Does The Hydro Floss Cut It? Healthy Gums Make Us Smile…

by David Snape

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2SkinnyDaveat40This short essay is based on my experiences with the HydroFloss Oral Irrigator. This is a story about how I found the HydroFloss and why I was looking for it – even though I didn’t know exactly what I was going to find when I was searching for answers. What is written here is said in general.  If you have specific questions about your dental health, be sure to ask your doctor.

A few years back, my dental professional was very concerned about the state of health of my gum tissue. Her hygienist agreed that I needed some specialized attention. They were business like and stern as they explained what was needed.

They further explained that what they wanted to do was referred to as a ‘scaling and root planing’ procedure. It is also called a SRP or ‘deep cleaning’ treatment.

I didn’t like the sound of what I was hearing. It just didn’t sound like it was something that I wanted to go through.

The assistant told me that she would dig down underneath my gums with specially crafted tools that would allow her to get rid of an accumulation of tartar. She would also smooth the surfaces under there to make it harder for it to return.

That didn’t sound too pleasant to me, not even a little bit. She said that I didn’t need to worry about anything because she could use medication to make my gums go numb.

I thought, “Great, you need to make my gums numb. I wonder how much it is going to hurt when the medicine wears off?”

I was then told that If I did not accept this procedure that I should put my signature on a waiver to signify that I understood they were not responsible for what might happen to my teeth. This was another red flag for me.

Being completely frank, I felt like I was being sold a ‘bill of goods’. It just seemed plain silly that they would request the signing of a waiver.

Finally, we came to the part that firmed up my thought process for good. The dentist’s helper explained that she was ready to start that day and that I should replace my normal cleaning with this new procedure.

Her given rationale had to do with insurance. If I got the standard treatment, instead of the special one, insurance might not pay for the advanced procedure later. Therefore, it was perfectly logical to have this done now. I knew that for something like this, I was going to need time to consider it.

I saw or felt one of those big warning signs in my mind that indicated, “Don’t do this!” I said that I did not want the treatment. Apparently, she felt that I didn’t need to sign the waiver after all.

The entire predicament seemed very surreal to me. There had to be another way for my gums to be healthy again.

Afterward, I talked to someone who had this treatment. She did not seem very satisfied with the results.

I started searching. A device called the HydroFloss Oral Irrigator came to my attention. I felt that I should give it a try and I purchased one online.

I was very optimistic when the package showed up on my doorstep. I noted that there should have been a video instruction disk included with my purchase but it just wasn’t there.

I contacted the company and asked for it. It was promptly sent. I was exuberant after watching the information and directions.

I just knew there was a good chance this was at least part of the answer I was looking for. Because of that, I had no problem working with it more than a couple of times each day.

About five months after that, it was time to see the dentist again. What happened next delighted me beyond belief.

The same assistant and doctor took a good look at my gums. Each agreed that there was a vast improvement. In fact, they told me that there was no need for that scaling and root planing now.

You can imagine that I felt really good at that point. I still use my HydroFloss daily, except when traveling.

If your gaze wanders to the resource box below where my information is, you will find a nifty link to a nice coupon code for the HydroFloss oral irrigator. Based on my very own experience, the Hydro Floss has been more than worth the cost to me!

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The Hydro Floss may be one of the very best oral irrigators. David Snape is the author of the book: What You Should Know about Gum Disease. ISBN: 978-0981485508.

What was written here was said in general terms, if you have specific questions about your dental health, direct those questions to your doctor.

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