Essential Oils for Gum Health

essential-oils-for-gum-healthThis is an essential oil blend of spearmint, peppermint and almond oils.

I use this as part of my gum care regimen which also includes regular brushing and flossing, the use of the hydrofloss, the use of mouthpaste, the use of oxygenated compound and dental picks.

I carry this bottle which has a leak proof top (a cap that actually works- I’ve never had one drip or leak yet and I carry it extensively and the bottle gets jostled a lot. ) around with me in a pocket or bag.

If I eat a meal and don’t have access to the mouthpaste mentioned above, I will often use this essential oil blend instead. I use it with a toothbrush or without a toothbrush.

The way it works is that you take 1 to 3 tiny drops and place them on the end of a toothbrush or just your tongue if you don’t have a toothbrush.

You then brush normally (gentle is always best with a toothbrush). Or if you don’t have a brush, just swish the three drops in your mouth and it will mix with your saliva. It has a bit of a bite to it.

They say that the oils kill the germs that cause gum disease and bad breath. I believe that is true. They also say that it creates ‘a barrier’ against those bacteria. That I don’t know about, but I definitely use this tool in my oral care regiment.

For me, ensuring good gum health means preventing the build up of those bacteria that cause gum disease and the plaque that they live in. This essential oil blend is one tool that I use to help me do that.

At the time of this writing they currently have a special: Buy 3 bottles of the essential oil blend and get one free for a $ 19.93 savings.

If you use the oil blend three times a day, a single bottle will last about three months. Therefore, it is a pretty good deal. And they offer free shipping. This product is available around the world.

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