Coupon Code for Bad Breath and Gum Disease Products

bad-breathHere is a nifty coupon code that you can use at the Therabreath website for free shipping and 10% off on all orders over 20$:

A-PER10 (coupon code) It’s good permanently, so hold onto it and share it with others.

You can use it on any product order at the above site, for example:

The Hydrofloss – This is great for those of us who have trouble with gum health. I personally use this and have found it to be very helpful in stopping my gums from bleeding. My dentist also seemed to think the results were very good. Using the coupon code gets the cost down to only about 89$ with free shipping. (if you happen to live outside the US on a 200-240 Volt electrical system, try this instead. -code does not apply)

Oxygenated Mouthwash – This is for further combatting gum disease. You can use this solo or combine it with the hydrofloss by putting 2 to 4 capfuls in the hydrofloss tray before irrigating. I do this and it works great. I get a nice soothing feeling from utilizing this mouthwash when I use it with the hydrofloss to clean my gums. Use the above coupon code.

Potent Bad Breath Killing Kit – This kit uses the Potent Aktiv-K12 Probiotic treatment. This is a scientifically designed system to taken and defeat bad breath. Take a peak and see how much there is to it. The page includes links to ‘how to use’ information, FAQ and studies.

Teeth Whitening System – Comes with moldable trays and the strongest whitening available for home use in the United States: 21%+ carbamide peroxide gel. Free rolls of ZOX come with this kit. This is more than you get in the store bought brands of whitening systems.

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