Avena Sativa Also Known as Common Oats

avena-sativa-1There is precious little information that scientifically establishes any remedy value to Avena Sativa.

That doesn’t mean there is no value, it just means it hasn’t been studied and well documented.

Vague references exist about it’s ability to ‘strengthen the nervous system’ – whatever that means.

Some hinted at the ability of oats to help the skin when used in a bath.

Everyone has probably heard that oats can help to lower cholesterol.


I remember one person tell me that eating a bowl of oatmeal per day avena-sativa-2helped to balance his blood sugar – in his opinion.

If he ate the oatmeal, he would not get dizzy. If he did not, he would. (subjective experiences always interest me – they are like clues waiting to be validated)


Some claim that it may be useful to fight nicotine cravings and thereby help people to quit smoking.

Here is a product that contains Avena Sativa [AFF] – used for this purpose.

The same company suggests that oats might be able help fight insomnia and depression and that it has a balancing effect on the nervous system.

avena-sativa-3Of course, I’m not able to find any scientific studies about the affects of this plant. But that is not surprising, there is probably no monetary incentive to study it, as it is not patentable.

Not much literature about the healing affects of this plant have been found. However, I did find a statement that it has been used in India to help fight opium addictions.



Opium Plant

Avena-sativa-4The FDA of course has not evaluated Avena Sativa for any medicinal purposes.

There are certainly a lot of people out there that sell oats in capsule or tincture form.

Recap: Not much in the way of scientific studies on oats (Avena Sativa) but unsubstantiated claims and subjective experiences indicate that such studies might produce some interesting results.




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