Healthy Foods and Diet

The body mass index (BMI) indicates a person’s fat excess, as it is a quantity factor. When this exceeds normal limits, some may not like the image reflected in the mirror. First, a few extra pounds start showing, then we use the term overweight and when not contained, it becomes obesity.
The sooner the weight gain is stopped the better a person’s chances towards achieving a healthy lifestyle. Small changes in daily nourishment and physical exercise can contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

The human body needs approximately 40 different kinds of nutrients. Essential nutrients are nutrients that the body cannot make by itself and must receive from the diet. Basic nutrients are carbs, proteins and fat. The body also needs a proper energy source, fiber, nitrogen, water and vitamins to function properly. Their proper balance leads to a healthy eating style, which is not always easily achievable in today’s busy world. But it is not impossible. Try to eat at least five or more fruits and vegetables every day, because they are an important part of a healthy diet. Combine them with whole grains, lean meats, low fat dairy products, nuts, seeds and legumes by mixing them in with delicious salads.

Don’t leave out meat, as it is an excellent source of protein. Proteins are also necessary to maintain a proper nitrogen balance. Fiber aids in the elimination process, they come from plants and cannot be digested by the body. Diets high in fiber also lower the risk of cardiovascular and digestive diseases. Highly soluble fibers lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. You may also benefit from taking a multi-vitamin and minerals supplements. Be sure to have enough omega 3 fatty acids, CoQ10, basic vitamins, plant enzymes, trace minerals, and antioxidants.

Our daily food intake is each person’s responsibility. A healthy diet doesn’t mean avoiding certain foods, just limiting them. The secret lies in thinking about your diet first. After all French fries come from a vegetable but they hardly count as a healthy food.

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1 Danny Grimes

As An American consumer: I have found, not only by trial ,and error, but by my personal experience-to reactions for my health,and feelings of well-being. It is now realized in a growing concern by concious writers of how unigue our world tratment of food effects us on many levels. The importance of choices for life, and how this quality is recieved by us is truly from a pristine origen that is easily overlooked. tobe marketed just for the sale, is to say buyer beware! Healing that comes from the very basic mandates of where our life comes from, and one needs ,but to look only as far to see upon the faces of who have, and place value on such sources. Perhaps mysterious, but not by coincidence- as nature says,I am pure. I am whole, please partake of me-for i am life enjoy me without worry, and know i am real! Danny Grimes.

2 David

Danny, well spoken and very beautiful. Please continue to comment as often as you would like!

– Dave

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