What Can I Use with My Hydrofloss to Help Me Fight Gingivitis?


hydroflossI found something that makes using the hydrofloss a lot more effective. Here is what I do, after brushing and flossing my teeth.

1. I use the hydrofloss [AFF] on my teeth and gums. I Use one tray for my entire mouth.



2. I Fill the tray for a second run, this time I add oxygenated oxygenated-mouthwashmouth wash [AFF] (2 capfuls) , and aim the water jet at my gums on a lower setting.

3. Repeat twice per day. See if you don’t notice a difference in two weeks. You should be very pleasantly surprised.

Note: make sure you are working with your dental professional on this so they can monitor your progress and make sure they approve before starting.

Once you start using the oxygenated compound you should see the effectiveness of your hydrofloss increase quite a bit. At least that was my experience.



The hygienist, prior to my use of the hydrofloss, wanted to do a ‘root scaling and planing’. I declined.



After I started using the hydrofloss for about 5 months, I went in for a checkup. This time, the hygienist actually said that I did NOT need the procedure, the tarter was above the gum line and the gums were healthier.


The Hydrofloss, [AFF] If you don’t have one – get one.

I’m glad I did my own research and did not get the scaling and planing done. It sounds a bit painful and messy.



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