Wanting to Lose those Last 5 Pounds

Hi David,

Really appreciate your response. I knew it would be hard to evaluate my situation without knowing all details, but I suppose you have to have a starting point!

I have always worked my core muscles. I work my upper body using free weights on a Monday. Tuesdays is a session for stomach. Wednesdays is leg strengthening, ie squats, lunges
etc. Thursdays is stomach again. I do these in the morning or at lunchtime, as I run in the evening. Fridays, Sat & Sun I just do my normal training without these additional

Perhaps I should shave a little bit off my meals? Here is example of my diet, being totally honest :

Breakfast – 1/4 bowl of porridge with tbl spoon all bran, few shredded wheat, topped with tbl fresh fruit – skimmed milk & tbl spoon of honey. Small glass fresh fruit juice.

Mid morning Рcaf̩ latte with skimmed milk and 1/4 tsp sugar.

Lunch : 1 x slice bread with low fat spread with cheese or lean chicken. Small tub natural yogurt with tbl spoon fresh chopped up fruit, sprinkled with sesame seeds. Handful of grapes.

2pm – apple or other fruit.

4pm РCaf̩ latte with skimmed milk & 1/4 tsp sugar + 2 x crispbread

On route to training – handful fruit gums.

Evening training 6pm

Cereal bar on way home after training.

Evening meal – Chilli con carne with brown rice

Small glass port or red wine + couple of handfuls of nuts (naught!)

During the day, I sip water, but I know I should drink more. On a good day I’ll get through 1 litre of water.

I have trained for lots of years and I’m wondering if my body has just adjusted to this. Need to know what to do to kick start my metabolism so to achieve my 5lb weight loss. I did think about eating my main meal at lunchtimes as I thought eating quite late may not be helping, but think I
might feel too sluggish during the day if I try this.

Appreciate your comments.

Thankyou & kind regards.



Hi Linda,

Yes, those details are a little more helpful.

Right off the bat, I see two problems with your diet.

You are not drinking enough water. Most experts agree that drinking TWO liters a day is bare minimum.

And My biochemistry teacher in school was very adamant about drinking a full gallon a day.

sounds to me with the amount of working out you do, plus your consumption of alcohol, which dehydrates the body further + your latte (coffee also dehydrates the body) + only getting a liter a day is probably slowing your metabolism a bit.

In addition, that amount of water intake is probably causing your body to function less than optimal.

sidebar note :

You can join my weight loss email list and / or get more weight loss info


One of the biggest factors that determine athletic
performance is lack of adequate water. This is serious

Drinking adequate water can actually help you lose weight,
have more energy, look and feel better.

Since you are working out a lot plus the other factors that
I mentioned above, If I were you, I would drink at least
three liters of water per day.

It’s hard to drink water, I know. I’ve found that I drink
more water when I add some minerals to the water. I like to
use concentrace minerals which you can find at any health
food store. Two drops is plenty for an entire liter. You
will find it easier to drink the water.

The second problem that I see, is that you are not getting
enough essential fats in your diet.

Eudo Erasmus, an expert on essential fats talks about this
in one of his books. I don’t remember the exact figure and
I’m too lazy to look it up, but I think if you increase your
total caloric intake of essential fats, you will actually
help yourself lose weight. Again, it sounds
counterintuitive, but there you have it.

Maybe you could replace those nuts with Eudo’s formula for
essential fats – you can also find that in the health food

I hope you find this reply helpful.

Once again, my disclaimer:

This email is for information and entertainment purposes
only. You are advised to NOT follow any of my advice and
instead you should consult with a doctor. That goes for if
you have any health conditions or think you might have, or
if you are changing you diet or exercise level.

All the best,


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