How can I lose 5 more pounds?

 How can I lose 5 more pounds? 





Thankyou for your e-mails.

Yes, they are motivating.

I am a competitive runner. Although I know quite a lot about keeping fit and nutrition etc, I am finding it difficult to lose 5lbs. I am not overweight, but feel that my running would improve a little if I lost a few 1lbs. I want to do this sensibly, as I don’t want to lose muscle mass.I train every day, two of the days being light recovery work. I eat little and often, and quite healthily. However, my weight just stays the same.

My only sin is I like a glass of wine most nights (only one, maybe 2 at weekends). Also, I have a thing for nuts, and unfortunately sometimes the salted variety. Other than that, not sure what else I can do.

Any suggestions??



My Reply:


Thanks for writing in. You haven’t really told me much about your situation, so it is going to be hard for me to reply.



but, I’ll give it a shot anyway.



I’d be willing to be that you are not doing anything to build muscle mass in your upper body



Remember, resting muscle burns more calories than fat.


I bet if you start working to build the muscles in your upper body you will see an increase in your running performance.

I assume that performance is what you are really after and not losing an additional 5 pounds to ‘look better’. If you are a competitive runner, you are already skinny enough.



Work that upper body and watch yourself run faster.



That may seem counterintuitive, but I bet you will be surprised with the results.




Hope that helps, keep me posted and if you have any more questions, let me know.



Here is my disclaimer;Â this email is for information and entertainment purposes only. You are advised to NOT follow any of my advice and instead you should consult with a doctor. That goes for if you have any health conditions or think you might have, or if you are changing your diet or exercise level.Â



All the best,









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