What do I do when My Dentist Says I have Gum Disease?

Gum disease, bleeding gums, gum pockets, do you have any of these? Have you ever been told that you need a ‘scaling and root planing’ by your dentist?

I’ve been told that. I said no. I did my research. What I found convinced me that I definitely did not want a ‘scaling and root planing’.

The dentist and hygienist tried to convince me that I was in danger of losing my teeth and that I needed this procedure. They were partly right. Gum disease is definitely something that can make you lose your teeth. It is a serious condition.

Gingivitis or worse, periodontal disease, is actually dangerous to your overall health. Bacteria can get into the blood stream via infected gums.

That is scary. It really is.

I have good news. The next time I went to the dentist they were impressed. They even said I didn’t need that ‘scaling and root planing’ anymore. I was also warned that I needed to ‘keep up’ what I was doing.

What did I do? I bought and started using a Hydrofloss. This device is nothing short of amazing in my opinion. I use it daily and I love how it takes care of my gums. My gums don’t bleed anymore. My gums are happy and it shows.

If you have gum disease or bleeding gums, you are not alone. If you were told you need a gum treatment, such as a ‘scaling and root planing’, you are also not alone.

The truth is that a key piece of preventive oral health care is not commonly known by many people. It is actually important to ‘wash’ the neck of the tooth daily. Brushing doesn’t do the job and flossing may not be enough for many or even most people.

It is important to wash around the neck of the tooth. I’ve even heard that it was important to do it with salt water. I don’t use salt water, but I do use a jet stream of water to do the job.

I’ve also found that just using water was not enough for me. I add an oxygenated mouth wash. I add one capful to my Hydrofloss tray on the second pass. It works great, in my opinion.

I didn’t mind spending money on a Hydrofloss, especially if it meant that I was going to keep my teeth. One misconception is that tooth loss is caused by cavities. In most cases, a cavity will not cause the loss of a tooth. Gum disease is primarily responsible for tooth loss in most instances.

The Hydrofloss is the only oral irrigator that I have tried. It worked for me and I will continue to use it.

The Hydrofloss uses magnetized water to clean around the neck of the tooth. Some dentists say that it isn’t necessary to use magnetized water. I read the research and felt that the Hydrofloss was built on sound principles that had been tested.

Whether the magnetized water makes a difference or not doesn’t matter. I know that the Hydrofloss works based on my experience. Therefore, I’m going to keep on using it.

How much does the Hydrofloss cost? It frequently retails for 129 dollars. However, you can purchase the Hydrofloss for only 99 dollars including a bonus oxygenated formula.

Taking care of our gums is something that is very important both for the health of our bodies and for keeping our teeth. With the Hydrofloss, I feel much more confident about my dental health.

This article is for information purposes only. If you have any health problems, including gingivitis or gum disease, see your dentist or doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

David Snape writes for ToBeInformed.com You can read more about the Hydrofloss there. ToBeInformed.com is a site about all kinds of health related topics including gingivitis. copyright 2006 all rights reserved.

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