Lose Body Fat During Weight Loss

I’ve recently created a new page on fat loss as opposed to weight loss. Don’t get me wrong, I think weight loss is fine but I want to make a subtle distinction.

Weight Loss and Fat Loss can be two different things but they don’t have to be. For example if you lose water weight, that is the kind of weight loss that has nothing to do with fat loss.

So it is possible to lose weight without losing body fat. Unfortunately, what we want to lose is fat and not much else.

Water weight loss is temporary, it will come back. Fat weight loss is entirely different.

There are so many concepts that go along with fat loss that it would be hard to discuss them all here. You can sign up for my weight loss email list to learn more about fat loss.

One major concept to fat loss is that you want to be aware of your body’s short term energy supply. When it is full to the brim, there is little chance of burning off fat.

Therefore, you want to deplete that short term energy supply before working out. Once you have depleted it, the body will look to its fat reserves for energy. That is exactly where you want to be.

However, if you eat carbs before working out, your body will have plenty of short term energy reserves and will see not reason to tap into your fat storage supply.

Consistently tapping into the fat storage supply is one key to fat weight loss. Here are two simple ideas to help. After sleeping all night, your body has used much of its short term energy up, it will be easier to get it to burn fat at that time. The second idea is to walk for about 45 minutes before a workout. That will help burn through the short term energy supply.

No time for walking? How about getting out in the yard and raking leaves or something like that? There are plenty of alternatives. I think you get the idea.

There are many aspects to weight loss, this is just one of them. The more you learn, the better equipped you will be to succeed. It may not be enough to get a gym membership. If you have a burning drive to lose weight, just getting a membership may be enough. But, most of us need to know why we are doing something to get motivated in the first place. Once we know the why, we can do it from there. Spend time finding your why.

The reason I think you should join my fat loss / weight loss email list is that you will get a daily dose of fat loss / weight loss talk in your email. You can read a little every day. The key concepts will be hit upon day after day until you are able to burn them into your long term memory.

You can save the emails in a file and refer back to them for motivation or inspiration. You can also revisit your favorites that way. Once you go through the whole series you could resubscribe and go through the series again.

This is a good opportunity for you to get started. Best of all the cost to join the email list is FREE.

This article is for information purposes only. It is not intended to provide advice on weight loss. See your doctor for advice on weight loss and before you change your diet or take up any form of exercise.

David Snape – copyright 2006 all rights reserved (no copy)

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