The One Hundred Pound Weight Loss Story

I ran into a person at work who told me he lost 100 pounds in about 10 months. Since weight loss is something that interests me a great deal, I asked him to tell me his story.

Bill, not his real name, told me that when he left the military he weighed 210 pounds which wasn’t bad for his height and frame. The problem came in when his civilian work became a more of a ‘desk’ job. Working at a desk causes one to get less calorie burning exercise.

In a short period of time, Bill weighed over 300 lbs. Much like Morgan Spurlock’s experiment with eating nothing but fast food for a month, Bill’s ‘bad’ cholesterol level was through the roof. His doctor told him he needed to do something immediately. The doctor gave him a basic diet to follow. The diet was a common sense, low fat, nutritious diet.

Bill doesn’t remember everything that was on the list, but basically he learned to look at food labels and stay away from foods that were high in fat. He also ate a lot of lean meat like chicken as well as salads, fruits and vegetables. He was on a mission. He quickly dropped weight, so much in fact that his doctor told him he needed to eat an occasional piece of pizza.

Bill said that he got down to about 175 pounds eventually, which was too thin for his height and frame. At that point he began eating foods with a little more fat. But he also promised himself he would never get that bad again.

Today Bill is at a healthy weight with healthy cholesterol levels. Weight loss is not impossible, others have managed it. Let this story serve as a bit of motivation. It can be done!

Bill didn’t need a magic formula, he just got an ‘eat and do not eat’ list from his doctor and followed it. He said that he even continued to drink beer during that time.

One key component to this story is that Bill worked out like crazy. He didn’t do any traditional weight lifting but got lots of aerobic activity in. Bill was in three bands and he would play drums for 3 or 4 hours straight per night. That was his exercise. And it worked for him.

Exercise doesn’t have to be what you traditionally think of as exercise. Typically, people think that exercise has to be boring and tedious. Things such as weight lifting, running, treadmill, and exercise machines are what come to mind when I think about working out. As Bill’s example shows, exercise can be something you love to do, like playing drums. He just did more of what he already liked to do.

There is one thing that should be considered here. It is indeed great to engage in calorie burning exercise, but you will lose some muscle mass while losing weight and to counteract that it is a good idea to do some form of weight lifting or muscle working exercise. Doing something that is constructive to muscle growth is a really good idea anytime that you are losing weight.

See your doctor before taking up any form of exercise or attempting weight loss. This article is not intended to provide advice. Your doctor will provide that to you.

David writes about weight loss at Sign up for his weight loss emails. You can also find more weight loss articles and information on his site. (do not copy)’s favorite weight loss info product.

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