The Idea of Karma and Health

Karma, bad karma for the case of this discussion is something that a lot of people just don’t believe in. It is something that was never taught to us in school. It’s almost an alien concept to many people.

However, western religion also talks about it. In my opinion, karma and sin are the same thing. Whatever religion a person believes in or doesn’t believe in makes no difference, because karma and sin continue to exist anyway.

appleIf the idea of religion bothers you, and I can certainly understand your feeling, consider that there may be a gigantic cosmic justice system and that system is very fair.

If I were to do something bad, for example, shouting at someone with anger, what happens? That person may have felt pain or consternation over my angry words. My feeling is that the ‘cosmic justice system’ automatically detects this and keeps score. In the future, something may happen where that person hurts me in a similar way or maybe I suffer in some other way, thus paying the debt back.

For example, the parking ticket lady came around and gave me a ticket three days in a row. I was very angry, because I felt that it was unfair of her to keep giving me tickets for the same thing, which was an expired registration. I didn’t have time to fix it right away and I felt she should give me at least a few days before writing another ticket. I yelled at her when I saw her again.

We may never have another interaction again as the world is so big and it is hard to run into the same person again, especially a stranger. Maybe I can’t repay this person directly but the karmic debt is still there, so perhaps I will get sick and suffer that way. This is how karma ties into health, in my opinion.

I hate to be sick and I know a lot of other people hate it as well. But a lot of people do get sick and some get very sick. Yet, the human body is this amazing model of biological, physical and chemical wonderment. It has the ability to fight off invading bacteria and viruses and maintain the integrity of the body. Yet, people still get sick.

Think deeply on that. Do you think it is an accident that this happens? Then is it an accident when you are healthy too? I don’t think so. Our lives are so limited and human knowledge is so incomplete. No man dares to claim that he understands everything. (not legitimately so anyway)

Obviously, I didn’t come up with the idea of karma or sin. They have been around a lot longer than I have. Do you think the people in the past didn’t have any grasp of the universe around them? Perhaps they had a better grasp on it than we do today with all of our modern mechanization and machinery.

Could it be that life was actually better in the distant past? How come we have such a short history? None of it makes any sense from our way of thinking of the world. The way that human kind has come to believe things to be might not be so accurate.

Frankly, I believe karma is very real and I think it plays a role in the health of the individual. Most people don’t go beyond the idea of germs, accidents or misfortune. But what if there really is a supreme and logical order to all that we call life? What if there really is a cosmic justice system? What would that mean to you personally?

Not many people are going to stop and think about it, I know. However, if you are one of the fortunate ones that come across this article, and you do think about it, I would suggest reading a book. That book is Zhuan Falun. Read it, enjoy it and learn from it.

David Snape writes for To Be Informed. You can join his Health Email List. To Be Informed is a site supportive of health, fitness and wellness. You can also join his weight loss email list.


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