Hydrofloss – My Dentist Told Me NOT to Buy One

My Dentist Told me NOT to get a Hydrofloss.

I was told that I was going to need a ‘root scaling and planing’ by my hygienist and dentist. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. They said I had tarter buildup under the gum line.

They said I had gingivitis and possibly moderate periodontal disease

But let’s get something straight right from the start, I did buy a hydrofloss. And I’m glad I did. Read on to find out why.


But I always took good care of my teeth, I silently protested to myself.

I did everything I was supposed too. I brushed many more times a day than recommended and I flossed virtually daily.

Then they told me what an ‘under the gum’ cleaning was and what it entailed. They want use an anesthetic to kill the pain and then use a metal instrument to get underneath the gum and scrape the neck of tooth all the way to the root.

I thought to myself, “that cannot be good for my gums”. If anything it seemed to me they would do more damage than good.

Worse – They wanted to get started right away!.

Fortunately, I have enough experience and wisdom to know that it isn’t always wise to do something spur of the moment, especially something like this.

I told them I needed to think it over and do some research.

That turned out to be one of the wiser moments of my life.

I went home and researched the snot out of gum disease and this ‘root scaling and planing’ stuff.

Everything out there seemed to indicate that I needed to get this ‘root scaling and planing’ done and that it was no big deal. But – I was still incredibly skeptical.

So I started asking around. And you know what? I found out that a lot of people are having this treatment done, including my own sister!

She told me that she felt that it made her gums WORSE!. She didn’t seem happy about it at all. Seems like dentists across the nation are pushing this kind of treatment recently. I didn’t like that.

Ok, so this left me with a dilemma – The dentist even told me that if we didn’t do something that I could lose my teeth!

I wasn’t about to let that fly. No Way am I going to lose my teeth.

But I wasn’t going for this ‘root scaling and planing’ stuff either.

I dug deeper in my research. Little by little the truth seemed to emerge.

It is no longer any surprise to me that people get gingivitis and periodontal disease.

It seems that dentistry has known for a while that it is important to wash the neck of the teeth. (the place where the gums visibly meet the teeth. It looks like the neckline of a shirt) But for some reason they don’t tell us that. And for the majority of people, not doing this leads to gum disease.


I think it might be a lot like tires that never wear out for the life of the car or a carburetor that get 120 miles to the gallon. We have the technology but creating such products would hurt the bottom line of certain industries.

Shoot, I bet that a lot of dentists don’t even know the truth!

Anyway, I was looking to find out what I could do to save my teeth and restore the health of my gums.

I stumbled across this:

hydrofloss[1]They Hydrofloss – Your friend!

Your personal tooth and gum redeemer!


I called my dentist, she told me NOT to get one, that I didn’t need it, and to save my money on a cheaper product.

I’d done enough research to know that I shouldn’t always blindly take the advice of ‘professionals’ in any field.

I didn’t listen. I got the Hydrofloss. I used it. I loved it.

And most importantly of all,


When I went back to my dentist and hygienist six months later they were impressed. It seems they believed I no longer needed the root scaling and planing and that the tarter buildup was NO LONGER below the gum line.

My dentist even said, “keep it up”. Meaning that I should keep taking care of my teeth and gums with the Hydrofloss.

But did my dentist apologize for telling me not to get the Hydrofloss? NOT.

Interestingly enough she didn’t care that she told me not to get one. But if I hadn’t gone ahead and bought the Hydrofloss against her advice, I may not have experienced healthier gums.

But even if you buy or have bought a Hydrofloss, do you know how to use one?

I’ve had my Hydrofloss for a long time now and I’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks on how to use it.

And remember – I was on a mission to SAVE MY TEETH.

So I focused in with laser like intensity on how to use the Hydrofloss to keep my teeth and save my gums!

Don’t get me wrong, the directions that come with Hydrofloss are good, but I don’t think they are as good as what I’ve come up with.

I’ve put a lot of time into learning how to use the Hydrofloss to get the maximum benefits.

And I know what other tools to use in conjunction with the Hydrofloss to get the maximum benefit with the least amount of effort.

I’m putting all of this knowledge into a report that you can have for FREE.

Here is how you get my free report along with your very own Hydrofloss.

1. Click on the Link Below.

2. Order the Hydrofloss

3. Send me your receipt. Forward it to David @ tobeinformed.com and I will send you the access instructions to my report on How I use the Hydrofloss in conjunction with other tools for maximum effectiveness.

Click here to order your Hydrofloss and get my Special Report on how I use it for maximum effectiveness

It’s that simple. But don’t delay, do it right now, because your teeth and gums need this and you know it.

I know how it is, I’ve procrastinated so many times it isn’t funny. But this is serious and you need to get over the procrastination hump and do the right thing for your teeth and gums.


Order now and get my special free report on how I use the Hydrofloss to maximum effectiveness.


Towards the health of your teeth and gums,


PS. the cost of the Hydrofloss is less than if you bought from the Hydrofloss company directly without Dentist approval plus you get the AktivOxigen Serum – something you won’t get elsewhere as an additional bonus. And of course, by using the above link, you ALSO get my special report. There is too much value here to pass up. Follow the steps above now.




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