ADHD and Minor Symptoms

I Just finished a fascinating article about ADHD written by Keith Londrie entitled: Secondary Symptoms of ADHD.

ADHD is an interesting and strange condition.


As I read Keith’s article about the ‘secondary symptoms’ of ADHD, I thought that it sounded a lot like me! I’m not a very organized person and I don’t pay much attention to stuff that doesn’t interest me.

I imagine that it is a matter of degrees. I don’t really have ADHD. I know that. I’m just a bit on the lazy side (when it comes to cleaning things up)

I could see how an overagressive diagnosis could happen though. And once it goes into your record, it’s there forever.

In the above article, Keith talks about everyday tasks being too ‘boring’ to focus on for the ADHD sufferer. He he, who doesn’t get bored with the familiar and the routine?

Aren’t those kids up there in that picture cute? Who wouldn’t be proud?

eeerrr. I was distracted. ….. :)

That brings us back to the point here today: Children and ADHD. I have my own opinions about the whole ADHD and medicating children issue.

I prefer not to give kids medication, especially the kind they will have to take for the long term. However, it’s easy to be an armchair quarterback. I don’t have any kids.

I can totally understand that the real experience of raising kids can be overwhelming. I also know that everyone is different. If the condition was severe, there might not be many options other than medicating the child.

Check out this natural alternative from Native Remedies that sounds both interesting and promising – endorsed by a psychologist. Confer with your doctor or pediatrician before utilizing anything other than he / she recommends.

Actually, I’m building a resource page on herbal remedies right now. Take a sneak peak at it. There is some mention of ADD and ADHD.

Keith also wrote another article called: Understanding ADHD.

In it he talks about the importance of regular exercise and meditation to help alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

I do meditate, but so far, it hasn’t helped me keep my living space neat and organized! :)

If you have or know someone who has ADHD, share your experiences below under comments. It might be helpful to someone who is really searching for answers.

If you want to start a dialog with multiple people, try our discussion forum.

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