Genital Herpes: Is it Possible to Get Rid of It.


I just finished reading an article by Peter Nagy entitled: How to Get Rid of Genital Herpes.

The author’s premise is that you cannot get rid of herpes but you can control it and prevent outbreaks.

Peter talks about his experience on medication for herpes and how he didn’t like the side effects, especially when his friends started to notice that “something was wrong”.

Fortunately Peter confided in his friend, in return his friend sent him to the person he knew with the most experience, his grandmother!

She was able to teach Peter what foods to eat and avoid, he mentions some of these tips in his article.

A book that goes over foods to eat and not to eat in detail is Stop Herpes Now and From Coming Back for Good.

Peter also talks about what kind of underwear he uses, how he washes his clothes and what kind of clothes he avoids. He also mentions a special topical product that he uses.

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