Congressman’s Plight Highlights Alcohol Addiction

A prominent Congressman recently quit congress citing his need for treatment for Alcohol addiction.

Addiction is powerful. It harms and sometimes completely ruins lives.

Susan Dean writes about her own experience of witnessing her mother suffer with an alcohol addiction.

It is a very moving article.

It also makes some very good points.

As Susan relates in the article, she watched her mother live a very lonely life. The addiction forced her to adopt an attitude of not caring what anyone else thought.

Yet, we all know deep down she did care and she didn’t really want to be alone. She was an alcoholic and it was that addiction that ruled her life.

And that in a nutshell is what addiction is, it is something else dictating to a person how she or he will live their life.

And that is SAD.

Susan expresses her remorse over he mother’s ordeal and situation. And I think she sincerely hopes no one else will have to suffer from such an addiction.

The Congressman above has LEFT Congress, citing his addiction as the reason.

These are two examples out of countless addiction stories.

Here are two resources:

List of Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers

List of Drug Rehab Treatment Centers


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