Prunes Fight Cancer?

A curious article by Christopher Yorston entitled, Foods for fighting Cancer caught my attention.



This article rates food based on their alleged cancer fighting ability.

Chris sites a Tufts University Study. Apparently according to the Tufts’ study, prunes win for fighting free radicals by far.

Of course, we want to see more studies before drawing any conclusions.

However I do believe in the ability of plant chemicals or phytochemicals to enhance / promote the health of the body.

The Book Natural Cancer Treatments suggests that many plants foods may provide a benefit against cancer but prunes are not mentioned.

Remember Hypocrites, the ‘father’ of modern medicine? Hypocrites said: “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine thy food.”

Some herbs have been suggested to be Immunity Boosters.

It seems he had thoughts in the same direction.

Of course, if you have cancer or think you might, make your doctor your very first stop for diagnosis and treatment. And check with him to see if it is ok to try ‘alternatives’.

On the other hand, it is hard to think that he would object to eating more prunes, strawberries and grapes. But you never know.

Check towards the bottom of this page for more interesting cancer information resources.


- Dave

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