The Best Cancer Resource Book

How many people do you know that have or have had cancer? (currently in remission).

Have you ever wondered if there was a book that encompasses the many different alternative ways that people have approached fighting their cancer?

There is, I have a copy of it. It is over 400 pages long and packed with much information on cancer: It is called: Natural Cancer Treatments.

The section on herbal treatments and plant based treatments is extensive.

Here are some of the other sections of the book:


Herbal Treatments

Plant Based Treatments


Mushrooms and Yeast Treatments

Marine Treatments

Immune Therapies

Vitamins and other natural supplements


Treatment Programs

Oxygen Therapies / Hyper oxygenation

Alkalizing Treatments

Enzyme Therapies

Chinese Medicine

Ayurvedic Medicine

Topical Treatments – used for skin cancers

Alternative Technologies

Mental Emotional and Spiritual approaches

Exercise and Body Work


Detoxifications and cleanups

And there is more.

I like this book because it shows me what is possible.

I don’t have cancer. But I like to point people in informative directions.

Of course, if you do have cancer, go see your Doctor first and foremost .

Talk to him about any alternative methods you have been looking at and seek to get his approval for them.

But do not delay in seeing your doctor, make it your first step.

With over 400 pages of information in the above book, you might find something worth investigating further.

Next, I would like to remind you of my article on the Mind-Body connection. Dr. Bernie Siegel has several of his books listed on Amazon.

Here are some book recommendations

Here are some articles

1. cancer articles – resource one

2. Cancer articles – resource two

Dr. Siegel’s books and videos about cancer focus on the mind-body connection. Bernie, as he had his patients call him, was a cancer surgeon.

He found that many of his patients got better after changing their mental outlook. So many, in fact, that it was remarkable. I highly recommend any of his videos or books..

If you can’t tell by now, I’m a big fan of Bernie’s.

I once met a woman who claimed that her cancer was healed by practicing Falun Dafa

There is also a special page on Breast Cancer on the To Be Informed website. As well as an article collection on Breast Cancer

Mesothelioma Resource page

Under the books section mentioned above there is a book called:

How to Fight Cancer and Win

Check the article sections above, they are loaded with people’s experiences and ideas about cancer.

Pass all of these resources on to someone whom you think might find them useful.

If you have had some experiences with cancer ( Good or bad), or if you just want to talk and get all of those emotions about it out, or whatever it is about Cancer that you want to talk about or start a discussion on, feel free to leave your comments below.

You can also join the discussion forums at All Things Pondered on Cancer.

Best wishes for the brightest future,

- Dave


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