Lemon Grass VS Yeast Infections

Have you ever heard a song about someone dying of AIDS? I heard one and it’s pretty sad. Worse, You may have known someone who died of AIDS.

One of the problems that immune system compromised people face is the risk of fungal infections or yeast infections.

For most people a yeast infection runs a natural course and then subsides. But for someone with a disease like that, such an infection can overrun the whole body, causing death.

So let’s talk about natural control of fungi.

Lemon Grass has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Yeast infections are overgrowths of natural yeast / fungi that live in the bodies of many people. Normally, these colonies live in balance with the body.

Sometimes the body’s balance is disrupted or disturbed. If some of the natural bacteria in the body is destoryed it could create a condition whereby fungal infections can grow or rather overgrow.

Another opportunity for fungi to flourish is in immunocompromised people.


If the immune system is worn down due to illness, or other situations, fungal infections can flourish.

As mentioned before lemon grass has antifungal properties and might not have the same side effects that anti-fungal medications have.

Of course, you’ll want to see your doctor for proper diagnosis if you think you have any type of infection or any health condition.

Yet, some people seek alternatives. So if lemon grass has antifungal properties, how would one use it exactly.

That is where this fungi killing natural herbal remedy could help.

Not only does it contain lemon grass but also Pau d’Arco and Calendula both of which ALSO have antifungal properties.

Again the natural yeast that lives in your body does so in harmony until the immune system or environment is compromised or altered.

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