Knock out Bad Breath

Let’s talk about your toothpaste,
yes – toothpaste!

You may recall reading about
those sodium lauryl sulfates (and their

They tend to dry the mucous membranes of your
mouth out.

Yikes, you don’t want that!

Drying the mucous membranes can cause or
accentuate bad breath! Which is exactly what
we are seeking to eliminate.

Now – I found some toothpaste that not only doesn’t have
sodium lauryl sulfates in it, but also has something that
other toothpastes don’t have.
What is it?


Yes, the power of oxygen can help you to
eliminate bad breath from your mouth

And why is that?

This is really incredibly COOL information
to have.

The bacteria in your mouth that are responsible
for creating bad breath are called anaerobes;
meaning that they need an environment low in
oxygen to thrive and survive.

By living in the folds and grooves on and in
your throat and tongue they have the perfect
environment. And so how do you get rid of them?

This is the BEST part.

If you put too much oxygen into their living
environment you will produce an inhospitable
place for them to live and consequently
they — ‘funeral dirge sound goes here’ — gulp!

They die!

The power of oxygen in your toothpaste can
really do a number on these little guys,
and in the process the oxygenated toothpaste will
help you to get fresher breath.

How cool is that?

Now you can have the power of oxygen working
for you. Here is the toothpaste that
contains oxygen in it.
I have used it.

Until next time:

Stay Well and Knock out Bad Breath!

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