The Skinny on Good Health.

This will be regarded as an opinion piece. The mainstream does not yet accept concepts like the one I’m going to share here.

There are a couple of aspects of health that I have come to accept / believe and this ‘article’ is going to attempt to share some of these aspects with you.

Oral Health is very important. The gums, particularly infected ones (think gingivitis) can be a gateway to allow bacteria into your bloodstream. You don’t want that.

In the United States, our dental system in my opinion does not adequately prepare us to take care of our gums. Like many medical truisms, there may be more money in treatment than prevention.

However, as a disclaimer, – If you have any health problems or think you do, visit your doctor or dentist for proper diagnosis and treatment. Anything on this web site is for information purposes only.

I’ve only recently begun to understand the importance of cleaning around the NECK of the teeth. Usually you hear that brushing and flossing consititute good oral care. Not completely true in my opinion. The neck of the teeth, where the gap between your teeth and gums exist, is a danger area that should be irrigated daily.

For this I use a hydrofloss

Beyond the physical realm of the body and health implications, is it possible there is a philosophical component to good heatlh?

Of course, we are entering the realm of things that cannot be proven or disproven in modern scientific terms.

Usually we think of viruses, bacteria and genetics as the potential culprits for ill health.

And on the SURFACE, they are. But I think there is much more to the story on a deeper level.

If you can’t get this far, there is no need to look beyond the surface level and you can continue to view bacteria and viruses and genetics as the basis of disease. For all practical purposes that model works just fine.

But if you want to get a deeper level understanding, I’m going to suggest that you read a book called Zhuan Falun . It’s an eye opener at the least. And traditional medicine is NOT going to be adopting these concepts in the near future.

Stick with the science for all practical purposes. But if you want more, read the book I mentioned.

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