Energy Boosting

One thing that we almost all can agree we need more of is energy.

A lot of people in the world today are fighting fatigue and are looking for ways to energize themselves.

Unfortunately, many turn to less than healthy ‘energy drinks’, soda or diet soft drinks.

A lot of sodas and energy drinks contain phosphoric acid. That acid can leach calcium out of your bones. You can imagine what might happen from the long term chronic use of such drinks.

Caffeine in coffee and soft drinks can energize you. However, if you use them too much, your adrenal glands could get ‘tired’. This means that they are no longer able to pump out as much adrenaline in response to the caffeine.

If you have ever had a cup of coffee and actually got tired instead of energized, you might need to give your adrenal glands a rest.

Here are some tips on creating more energy.

1. Drink a lot of water. My personal goal is to drink a gallon a day. Check with your doctor to see what might be appropriate water intake for you.

2. If you take a nap, limit your nap to under 45 minutes. Sleeping over 45 minutes puts you into a different “kind” of sleep which could leave you feeling less energized instead of more if you awake before 4 hours.

3. If you must sleep longer, make sure you sleep for at least 4 hours. That allows your body to complete one ‘sleep cycle’. Waking out of the ‘wrong’ cycle can cause you to be very tired instead of energized.

4. Learn more about getting the most out of your sleep. There is an opportunity to get free articles about sleep and energy there.

5. If you feel you need something external to help you with energy, maybe you could avoid the soft drinks and try something a little more ‘natural’ Fatigue Buster

Let us know your thoughts. (comment below)

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