Pregnancy – what to be careful about

Here is a quote from Dr. Gary Null’s book, “The Complete Encylcopedia of Natural Healing”.

From page 99: What to Avoid – Expectant mothers should stay away from drugs and cigarettes. They should also be careful to avoid exposure to pesticides, as the chemicals breathed in enter the placenta, where they can harm the muscles and nerves of the developing fetus.


Sometimes you think things are common sense but frequently, others don’t necessarily have that awareness.

One healthy way to look at things is that anything you put into your body is what you are putting into the baby’s body.

If you drink, the baby is going to experience that too. So you want to be very careful while pregnant.

Smoking in pregnant mothers has been correlated to low birth weights.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find some correlation to birth defects too, though I haven’t heard that specifically.

Eat healthy, so that the baby can be healthy too.

Whatever you do to yourself during pregnancy will likely also be the baby’s experience. Keep that in mind.

happy motherhood,

– Dave

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