Herpes Information Varies too Much

Information on Herpes varies widely.

For example This Australian Gvt. website on Herpes states that Genital Herpes is communicable (spreadable) for 7 to 10 days after a primary infection and 4 to 7 days after a recurrent infection.

However, consider that these numbers may not take everything into account. Especially for females, how do you know when that last lesion disappears? (Herpes lesions can rest on the cervix)

Other sources seem to indicate that the disease can be spread without an active outbreak in place. Many people are asymptomatic, may not know they have a weeping lesion or don’t really manifest one.

Check out the forum on herpes.

I’ve read that some people are naturally immune to herpes.

The important thing to do is to become as educated as possible to reduce the risk to others as far as humanly possible.

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1 David

That same government site quoted above – states “Asymptomatic infections with HSV type 1 virus are common. Seventy to ninety per cent of adults have circulating antibodies to HSV type 1 virus indicating previous infection. ”

Herpes Simplex 1 is typically the cold sore virus but can also manifest as genital herpes, though more rare than the Simplex 2 variety.

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