I was looking over some information on herpes earlier and found a decent article, a little on the technical side, but informative anyway:

Herpes article

I think what is interesting to note about this article is that a very large number of people in the world have herpes, currently about 12%.

Another interesting quote from the author is that in a room of 50 people, 5 people have herpes and only one knows about it.
This means that 4 are carriers.

And of course, if they don’t know they have it, they won’t be able to tell others they do either. Therefore, the risk of infection cannot be mitigated (controlled)

I’ve know a couple of people with herpes. For one, it is quite psychologically disturbing that she has it. She told me how terrible it makes her feel.

I know a lot of people have it. If you want to share your experiences, by all means you can comment below. Your personal information won’t be shared (unless you share it).

Maybe your experience could help others?

This could be especially true if you have learned how to cope with it. The information might help others who are in mental anguish.

You can help others with your experience or thoughts on herpes.

Visit the Forum on Herpes

– Dave

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1 christopher scipio

Actually the real figure is 60% or more of the world\’s population has herpes. I write about it on my blog and I published a book about managing herpes naturally this past spring,

I also have posted several of my recent radio interviews on herpes.

christopher scipio
holistic viral specialist

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