Vitamix Blender

I bought a Vitamix blender a few months ago – and I have been delighted with it.

I like to make smoothies and they sure taste good. I usually make banana or strawberry smoothies. I’ll throw a tablespoon or two of ground flax seed in along with the fruit and ice for good measure.

The Vitamix is easy to clean after blending. You just put 5 cups of water and a drop of soap in and spin it on high. It pretty much cleans itself. There is very little need to do anything extra.

The vitamix can also make soup. The blades spin so high that they heat the contents via friction. I’ve mad a nice pea soup this way. I like to add onion or garlic to the mix.

The Vitamix can also ground coffee and flax seed and make bread dough.

It is a very versatile utility that can save you kitchen counter space due to all the appliances it can replace.

I’m glad I have a Vitamix. They are expensive though, so be prepared to shell out $500 bucks.

To me the time it saves me in preparing food is worth the money.

– Dave

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